On which paper should you write your application?

On which paper should you write your application?

Make sure that the paper for your application is not too thick; it should not have a specific weight of more than 120 g / m2. Use only white paper and never recycled paper – it must make a high-quality impression.

How much do you earn at dm?

During a career at dm, you can expect a gross annual salary within a range of 16,000 to 40,000 euros – depending on professional experience, length of service and qualifications.

Does DM have delivery service?

Delivery to a dm store is only available for private customers and individual stores may be excluded from this at times. Customers without a My dm account (guest customers) pay € 4.95 per package ** for all orders, regardless of the value of the goods and the type of delivery.

Can you order online from dm?

In our online drugstore you can order everything you can find in your dm-Markt and many exclusive online items. You can order as a guest or even more conveniently: via your My dm account. Alternatively, you can use the dm app on your smartphone or tablet.

When does DM get its delivery?

When will my express order be ready for collection in the dm store? Your order will be made available to you in the dm store of your choice within just 3 hours of placing your order.

Where can I get a DM voucher?

You do not get gift vouchers from dm – like many other gift cards – at the cash register of petrol stations or supermarkets, but currently only from dm itself.

Where can I buy Booking Gift Cards?

Frequently asked Questions. Where can I buy a Booking.com gift card? Since we don’t sell gift cards online, they are only available in retail stores. Due to limited availability, you can only purchase gift cards while supplies last.

Where can you buy the voucher of your choice?

If you want to buy the voucher directly from a retailer in the vicinity, you’ve come to the right place … The gift cards can be redeemed at the following retailers, among others: Ikea.Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof.Christ.Thalia.Adidas.C & A.Ernsting’s Family.MediaMarkt.

Where can I buy vouchers for Media Markt?

Media Markt vouchers are available in supermarkets, for example at REWE, Kaufland, Real or Edeka. There are also vouchers, often called gift cards, at the drugstores Rossmann, DM drugstore and Müller drugstore.

Where can you buy Saturn vouchers?

List of retailers where you can buy Saturn cards: Aral gas stations. Deutsche Post.dm drogerie-markt.Hem gas stations. Kiosks and lottery acceptance points with “Kartenwelt” Rewe.Rossmann.

Where can you get an Ikea voucher?

IKEA voucher cards are available from the following retailers, among others: Aral Tankstellen.Budni.dm-drogerie markt.EDEKA.Hem Tankstellen.Lotto acceptance points.Netto Marken-Discount.Penny.

How much is there on my Media Markt voucher?

Where can I check how much credit my gift card still has? You can inquire about the current balance of your gift card at the cash register in your local MediaMarkt. A query in the online shop is currently not possible. You can of course use your gift card to order online.

Is my Media Markt voucher still valid?

The MediaMarkt gift card remains valid for five years from the last use. If the card is not used, it is valid for 3 years from purchase.

Can I have a Media Markt voucher paid out?

No, there is no direct way, not even if you buy something and then give it back (you usually get a voucher again). But you can try to sell the voucher on a platform such as eBay.

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