Open fireplace in the garden – feel the warmth and magic of the fire in your own outdoor area

Fire was and is an important element of human life, it has accompanied people since ancient times and has proven many advantages, but also disadvantages. The fire generated by lightning strikes or other natural phenomena was “tamed” by primitive man and used to control the environment. The first people on earth quickly understood that fire was indispensable for them and their lives. It not only gave them soothing warmth on cold evenings, it helped them prepare delicious dishes and protect themselves from wild animals. Whenever we look back on human history, we find infinite evidence of the role of fire in everyday human life. This fact is being developed further nowadays and many house owners want to enjoy the warmth of the open fire in cold and stormy weather and admire its strong magical aura in their own garden. For this purpose there is the open hearth for outside.

If you are interested, join us in the adventure world of the outdoor fire pits!

Feuerstelle im Garten rustikal

Rustic seating area in the open air with a fireplace made of stones, the seat wall adorned with decorative cushions

modern Relax Insel im Freien gestalten

Rustic style meets modernity – a relaxation island in the garden designed with an open fireplace in the middle

Your stay in the garden with friends and family can be very romantic if you opt for an open fireplace in your own outdoor area. Even when it gets dark you can be fascinated by the mysticism of the open fire, because it crackles and blazes right in front of your eyes and warms up your body and soul! Treat yourself to this great campfire experience by creating a fire pit in the garden. There you can quickly leave the stress of everyday life behind you and really relax. With a bottle of wine and good conversation among loved ones, you always feel good, especially around the fireplace.

Erweiterung der Terrasse Kamin im Hintergrund

This extension of the open terrace was obviously worth it, because now you have a wonderful island made of natural stone slabs with a fireplace as an eye-catcher

Ideen für Gartengestaltung Feuerstelle im Freien

There are no limits to the design of your relaxation zone in the garden

There are several options for creating an open fireplace in the garden. But before you start this project, we would like to warn you in advance: find out more about the regulations and rules for this in your region or state and only then do you get started! When designing your outdoor fireplace, you have many options, some are very simple, others even have a luxurious touch. Let’s start with the fact that you can brick up the open hearth. Of course, this variant is straightforward and easy to implement. Such a fireplace basically looks like a fire pit or has the shape of a round wall. Stones and / or bricks are the most preferred materials here.

rustikaler Stil im Garten offene Feuerstelle Stein gemauert

A brick fireplace is a real eye-catcher in the garden

rustikaler Stil im Garten offene Feuerstelle

The open fireplace can also be used for grilling outdoors

But if you don’t have the time or feel like doing such masonry, then you can opt for a ready-made fire bowl that you set up in a certain place outside and create a cozy sitting area around it. In specialist shops you can find fire bowls in different designs, colors, shapes and sizes, so that you can easily choose the best model according to your taste and style. Materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic and terracotta are suitable for the production of these fire bowls. They inscribe themselves excellently in any garden design.

rustikale Gartengestaltung

The fire bowl gives you warmth and comfort

Feuerstelle im Garten

Make yourself comfortable outside – with an open fire bowl!

And if you not only want to introduce a stronger dose of cosiness into your garden, but also want to provide a little luxury, then we can recommend the modern variants of an open fireplace – these are the trendy outdoor bioethanol fireplaces. Its flickering flame immediately creates a campfire atmosphere and brings warmth and cosiness into the outdoor atmosphere. You would certainly be spoiled for choice here, because bioethanol fireplaces are available in retail outlets in multifaceted designs, different sizes and different price ranges. They all have one major plus point: neither smoke nor soot comes out!

02Our extra tips For your safety:

  • Choose a safe place and place the bioethanol fireplace at least half a meter away from flammable and heat-sensitive materials.
  • Always light your bioethanol fireplace with a stick lighter and keep a safe distance! Any possible fire hazard must be avoided!

In our photo gallery you can now admire many design options with different open fire places in the garden and get inspiration for your own design. We hope you enjoy browsing!

Terrasse gestalten Bioethanol Kamin

A bioethanol fireplace is a modern and completely successful variant of the classic fireplace

Bioethanol offene Feuerschale Garten

Water and fire in interplay – attractive, festive and pleasing to the eyes and senses

Feuerschalen Terrassengestaltung

The fire bowls are very cheap and risk-free

Innengarten offene Feuerschale

The fire bowl needs a safe place in the garden

Sitzbank Holz viel Grün Feuerschale

It inscribes itself perfectly in a rustic garden design

Sitzecke im Garten Stein

modern gestalteter Garten Feuerschale

A modern designed garden could look like this

Bioethanol Kamin für Außenbereich moderne Gartengestaltung

Bioethanol fireplaces for outdoors are currently very popular!

Bioethanol Kamin Sitzbank aus Holz Outdoor Set

They are the modern take on the original outdoor fireplace

Gartengestaltung Ideen rustikaler Stil

You have the choice of freely choosing a specific design that fits perfectly with your overall garden design

Feuerstelle im Garten deko ideen

Flickering fire in the garden – a true synonym for warmth and cosiness

moderne coole garten deko ideen feuerstelle

Gartengestaltung Ideen einfache Formen viel Charme Feuerstelle Stein

Discover the beauty of the simple shapes

Ideen zu Feuerstelle Garten

There are bioethanol fireplaces that can be used both indoors and outdoors

Bioethanol Kamin Veranda am Wasser

In the evening you can look at the wonderful city panorama next to your modern fireplace and feel the serenity of nature outside

feuerstelle garten sitzplatz ideen

You can spend hours chatting with your friends over a bottle of wine around the crackling fire and having fun

ioethanol Kamin gemütliche Sitzecke im Freien

Pure modernity and lots of charm – bioethanol fireplace and garden lighting complement the perfect look of this cozy outdoor seating area

Bioethanol Kamin interessante Form

Bioethanol fireplace on the terrace invites you to cozy get-togethers

Feuerstelle im Garten Mauerwerk Sitzbank Holz

You can certainly spend pleasant hours here with close friends and family around the open bioethanol fireplace

offene Feuerstelle im Garten bequeme Outdoor Möbel

Where exactly do you want to take a seat?

offene Feuerstelle im Garten rustikal

A rustic style outdoor area with a brick fireplace

Feuerstelle Ideen Garten Deko Ideen

Gemütlichkeit Innenhof Feuerstelle im Garten Sitzecke komfortabel

You can stay around this open fire until late at night

gartenkamin haus wand ideen design

In small garden areas, especially in the city, the open fireplace can be protected as a precaution

Outdoor Sessel Feuerstelle im Garten Bioethanol Feuerschale

This is a dream come true, isn’t it?

offene Feuerstelle im Garten

Would you like a coffee?

Gartengestaltung Bioethanol Kamin

Style and grandeur in one

outdoor feuerstelle natursteinplatten gartenmöbel

The children can play safely around the open fire bowl

offene Feuerstelle im Garten bilder

Bioethanol Kamin Sitzecke komfortable Outdoor Möbel

Design your outdoor area according to your local climatic conditions

gartenideen feuerstelle im garten

feuerstelle im garten deko idee

Feuerstelle im Garten Steine

Feuerschale im Garten Sitzbank Holz

offene Feuerstelle Veranda luxuriös Outdoor Möbel

Feuerstelle im Garten ideen

feuerstelle garten gartenideen

Stein Sitzbank Feuerstelle im Freien sehr rustikal Deko Kissen Sitzauflagen

Garten Bioethanol Kamin Sitzbank

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