Ora-01920: User Name Conflicts With Another User Or Role Name

The ORA-01920 error message indicates that the user name or role that you are trying to assign already exists. The name of the new user or role must be unique. You can resolve this issue by using a different name for the new user or role. Usually, the error message will appear if you are trying to assign a role to an existing user. For more information, see the ORA-01920 troubleshooting guide.

In this error message, the Oracle database server notices that there is already an existing user or role with the same name. It tries to create a new one but fails because of the conflict. In this case, you should try to rename the current users or roles. If the problem persists, try deleting the old ones and creating new ones. You will have to change the names of all users and roles in order to make sure that the new users are not already present.

When you have created a new user or role, you will see a message stating that you are not allowed to change the original name of the other user or role. The error message will tell you that a certain user or role already exists in the database. This is a very common problem and it is recommended that you rename the existing ones. When the names of two users or roles conflict, Oracle will not create a new one.

The error message will show the user name that is being used by another user or role. It will indicate that the new person’s name or role already exists in the database. Therefore, you must remove it before creating a new one. You can then proceed with the process of creating the new user or role. You should also check for a database error log to see if the problem still persists.

The ORA-01920 error message is a warning that the newly created user or role name does not match the existing one. In most cases, this error message is caused by the fact that the named person or role already exists in the database. This error message occurs when a user or a group already exists in a database. In this case, the new user or role cannot be created because it is too similar to the other user or its role.

Upon creating the database, the ORA-01920 error is triggered because the user or role name matches an existing one. The user name or role that you want to create must be unique. Otherwise, the database will not work. However, you can train yourself to become an expert in Oracle. When you complete an Oracle training course, you will be able to develop a wide range of skills, including how to use the system.

If the name of your user or role is similar to another, you might be seeing an ORA-01920 error. This error means that the existing user or role name already exists in the database. Consequently, you must change the name of the existing user or role. You must first change the user’s database password. If it does not, you should delete it and create a new one.

When you create a new user or role, you must ensure that it does not conflict with any other user or role name. A database name conflict occurs if the same username or role name is already in use. The problem occurs when the existing user or the identity of the other user or the role is duplicated. This error is caused by an incorrectly created user or role. A better solution is to make a backup of the existing database before you start working with it.

An ORA-01920 error message is caused by the fact that the user or role has an already-existing name. If a user or role already exists, it will be impossible to add a new one. To resolve the conflict, you should change the existing names. You can do this by modifying the table’s permissions and database security. A second ORA-01920 error code has the same meaning.

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