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Organic pencil for planting

A creative team came up with the idea of ​​recycling stationery in an environmentally friendly way for potting plants. You can find out exactly how this is done in today’s article.

With the help of the innovative pen Sproutyou can put different types of herbs such as basil, dill, sage, mint, rosemary and green pepper on the windowsill. You plant the pencil stub in the pot and watch with excitement how something edible grows out of it! The idea came from the ecological designers at the Danish company Sprout. The stationery is handmade in the USA.

Sprout Bio Pencil Planting Innovation

Organic pencil turns into a herbal plant

Designed as ecological office supplies, the sharpened pencil can be planted in a pot after use so that the collecting capsule at the end of the pencil is activated by the poured water. The seeds will gradually begin to germinate, but will require active care on your part in order for the green, edible herbs to show on the surface. The pencil has organic seeds and the plants are therefore risk-free to eat. In addition, it serves as a practical herb label.

Organic pencil sampler herbal plants

You can write with the growing pencil

Three years ago, the invention won the IGC’s Most Environmentally Friendly Product Award. Made of cedar wood, graphite and clay, the innovative pencil does not contain any environmentally harmful materials. Insightful instructions on planting and care are included.

Create organic seeds for herbs

Only qualitative, ecological components make the pencils

Once sown, the Sprout pencil needs direct sunlight and regular watering, just like common herbs. In about 4-5 weeks you will be able to count on fresh, fully grown herbs.

Pencil natural product cedar wood

For planting, the pencil is placed in a pot, watered regularly and exposed to daylight

The manufacturing company mainly wanted to emphasize the concept of sustainability with the organic pencils.

Ecologically creating culinary herbs Pencils

The Sprout pencils contain cedarwood, graphite, clay, and a collection pod

Herbal planting Sprout nameplate

The organic seed grows into a complete houseplant in one month

Environmentally friendly office supplies multipurpose pencil stub

The pencils have natural components and are sheet-free

Create a herb garden basil rosemary dill sage mint

The idea of ​​more ecologically sound products encouraged the team to invent Sprout

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