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Our 10 favorites among beautiful perennial garden flowers

Real gardeners usually have wonderful gardens, where fragrant flowers are always pleasing to the eye. Lush garden flowers enchant everyone in passing and make them pause in amazement. In order for you to have such a delightful garden, you would have to have a certain horticultural skill, which is best paired with imaginative design ideas.

Some tips and additional information can always help you. Today we are introducing you to 10 beautiful perennial plants that will delight you with their wonderful flowers again next year without any special care.

Aster x frikartii - summer aster

The summer aster is always delightfully beautiful

This Sensitive-looking flower can in principle almost any type of soil well tolerated. It grows particularly well in well drained, calcareous and moderately nutrient-rich soils. The free flowering cross “Monk” grows until to 2 meters high and has long Stems, in short, it’s great as a cut flower. The lavender blue can also shine in the interior!

Red Coneflower (echinacea)

Red coneflower echinacea

Echinacea or as the German name means – red coneflower is a synonym for garden beauty

The beautiful Echinacea adorns our gardens every year. your sizen pink-purple flowers with a pronounced copper center popular jewelry out there. D.he red sun hat reaches a Height from 80 to 150 cm and is also suitable as a cut flower for the vase. But in the garden the red coneflower is undoubtedly one of our favorites, because it is robust and durable. This garden flower impresses with its colors in the pink-red-purple color palette.

Yellow coneflower (Rudbeckia hirta)

Yellow Coneflower - Rudbeckia Hirta

Yellow sun hat makes your garden shine golden yellow from August to October

We still stay in the Asterraceae family. This includes many representatives, including the slit-leaved sun hat. Its tdeep goldenn Petals shine in the garden from late summer to autumn. The flowers are light yellow to golden yellow, with chocolate brown in the center. They grow 30 to 80 cm tall. It is a typical biennial garden plant. In the first year it grows vegetatively, in the second it blooms, develops seeds and finally dies. Rudbeckia Hirta loves sunny locations and a slightly loamy soil.

Chilean avens

The Chilean carnation enchants with its beautiful flowers in bright red

The Chilean avens “fireball” gives you beautiful flowers and enriches your garden. The nickname “fireball” did not get this avens unfairly. The splendor of the flowers is colored in bright red and provides a lot of positive energy in the outdoor area. The Chilean avens loves sunny to semi-sunny places and moist soil. This is also a typical perennial shrub and its care and propagation must be done accordingly.


A symbol of summer and joie de vivre – delicately scented lavender

Every garden should have this beauty. D.he lavender is often offered as a frost-resistant plant, but it is not winter hardy. Choose sunny locations for it in your garden and you will have this fragrant ornamental and medicinal plant for years to come.

Real lavender is easy to care for. Its delicate purple flowers are fragrant from July to August. Their scent is soothing. The medicinal plant also has antiseptic properties, which is why lavender is widely used in the production of various cosmetics and medicines.

Heuchera or beautiful purple bells

The leaf protection plant Heuchera glows in orange yellow

Heuchera is with many Very popular with gardening enthusiasts, because it covers large areas outside with its beautiful leaves in bright colors and makes them glow. The purple bells are tiny bell-shapede flowers, colored in the fiery color palette – from white to golden yellow, across pink to bright red.

Forest forget-me-not Myosotis sylvatica

Forest forget-me-nots are a must in slightly shady forest gardens

The forest forget-me-not is a two year old bis a perennial herbaceous plant. It is widespread and loved for its fine blue flowers. The plant reaches a height of 45 cm, prefers slightly shady places. The forest forget-me-nots bloom from May to July and delight us with their beautiful, delicate flowers. The plant is still proof that Mother Nature is the greatest artist!

Shrubby Phlomis fruticosa

Even more sunny yellow in the garden with the shrubby weed

The shrubby fire herb is a garden plant from the Mediterranean region. It has gray-haired branches and lanceolate flowers in bright yellow. It brings summer into your garden. Shrubby cinderella looks particularly beautiful planted next to lavender and torch lilies.

Salvia leucantha or Mexican bush sage

The sage species is eye-catching in every garden

This species of sage is predominant in Mediterranean areas and popular in America. your purple– purple Flower panicles cover gray-green shrubs away from late summer to spring into it with a mild climate in winter.

Honeydew melon sage salvia elegans

The honeydew melon sage also has beautiful red flowers

The honeydew melon sage is closely related to the pineapple sage. The plant also grows in warm climates and reaches a height of 45-50 cm. It belongs to the mint family and has beautiful red flowers.

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