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Our homage to the window niche

Do you like to watch the seasons change from your window? Would you like a second reading corner? In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways in which such arrangements can be set up in the window niches. Scroll down and be inspired by our interior design ideas!

Designer bench upholstered in steel

Window seat with a great visual effect

Window sill decorative corner arched window view

A delightful place at the window with a view of the greenery

They can be arranged in a varied manner, mostly as viewing platforms. With an attached bench, you can also create wonderful places to retreat and breakfast corners. Finally, a bench integrated into the wall could serve as a radiator cladding.

Radiator cladding white modern bench decorative cushion

Completely cover the radiator and create a bench

It can happen that you cannot design all the window niches in the house. Sometimes the area is not large enough to allow this. What do you do in this case? Practical fixtures save the day with simple designs, adaptable colors and extra storage space.
With the right installation, you can enjoy the view of the garden all year round. A convenient location and sufficient size allow relaxing hours, close to nature! The brown leather upholstery can be easily combined with the other furnishing elements and ensures more seating comfort.

Window bench drawers brown leather upholstery

Excellent place to read, relax and enjoy

The built-in window sill made to measure was modeled on the American style. Thus, the furniture can be used as a seating and decorative corner, as well as useful storage space.

Dining room kitchen dinette window seat bench integrated beige

Generous window front and elegant furnishings in two colors

With such a view, the built-in bench by the window is a real hit. Your favorite reading is also ready to hand. The wonderful view of nature invites us to dream.

Viewing platform casement window seat large glass front

Of course, with this panorama you want a comfortable seat to really enjoy it

Our next tip radiates a lot of warmth because of the color selection. The bay window provides natural daylight and thus creates the best place to relax with a book in hand.

Bench by the window bay window decorative cushion beige ocher purple

Bench with useful, hidden storage space in the light-flooded place

This upholstered corner bench made of wood was made in combination with the dining table and fits perfectly into the interior. The white nuances ensure airiness and an exciting color contrast with the wooden elements.

Bench wood dining table blue crystal chandelier

Designer design with bench and wooden table for nostalgic flair

In the kitchen area, great, practical dining areas can be designed with the help of long benches. Together with the matching dining table and chairs, the furnishings appear diverse and are actually space-saving.

Window seat integrated bench dinette white gray

Admire the beauty of the well-tended garden while having breakfast

Bay window bench built-in seating area table

Relaxed enjoy the view of the green

Dining room wooden table built-in bench elegant beige dark brown

The base of the seat is formed by two low, practical cupboards

Kitchen country style bench storage space

In the country house style, the built-in gray and white bench is just right

If such facilities are not easy to achieve, the alternative consists of (corner) sofas attached to the window.

Country style living room panoramic view corner sofa

Make optimal use of the window niche with home accessories and corner sofa

City apartment dining room leather sofa gray wooden table elegant luxurious

Successful, space-saving solution with an elegant corner sofa

You can always achieve a harmonious overall picture with the help of decorative pillows!

Bay window bench round decorative cushion mustard yellow light gray

Magnificent view over the roofs of the city

Generous window fronts and the designed sunbathing areas have definitely made us dream!

Washroom hall bench bench used look wood white

The bench plays a particularly practical role in the washroom

Children's room youth room bench storage space idea modern white

Great seat for making music and doing homework

Window bench bookcase window seat

Cozy design that you could enjoy as a couple

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