Overview: ATV accessories for forest and hunting

A wide range of ATV accessories for forestry and hunting makes it easier to use the useful and all-terrain crawling stuff in the forest: long since a matter of course in the USA, ATVs, UTVs and side-by-sides are also increasingly being used in German-speaking countries for work in the forest and many Manufacturers know about it. For this reason, vehicles and accessories are tailored to this mission.

ATV accessories for forest and hunting: work equipment

ATV accessories for forest and hunting: 'Pirschmobil' – electric, quiet and all-terrainThe Gator models from John Deere are designed for particular robustness and are equipped with high-torque diesel engines, which are available as two-seaters as well as with a cabin and two rows of seats. Kubota is even entering its RTV X900 multi-purpose diesel vehicle with a hydrostatic drive.
After BRP was more sporty with the ‘Commander’ of its Can-Am brand, the ATV accessories for forest and hunting: John Deere Gator XUV 855 D is particularly robustCanadians with their ‘Defender’ are now also a real workhorse, which is fast on the move with a 72 hp 1000 cc engine – although it requires petrol. New in this area are the side-by-sides from RBS from Spain, which Karcher presented as an importer at this year’s Abenteuer & Allrad.
Electric vehicles are also available, most notably the Polaris Ranger EV. The advantage: the vehicle is so quiet that the game hardly feels disturbed. HP Geländewagentechnik had converted the series Ranger EV into a ‘stalking mobile’ specifically for use in hunting. If the range – 80 kilometers in summer, sometimes only 40 in winter – of the standard electric vehicle is not enough, Polaris guru Gerold Vonblon can supply lithium-polymer batteries with a correspondingly designed controller.

Accessories: weather protection, transport systems and winches

ATV accessories for forest and hunting: Woodjack pulls trees out of the forestOf course, accessories are required for work, and that starts with weather protection, which only a few manufacturers offer as standard; The Czech specialist DFK offers cabs that are fully equipped with a roof, doors with windows, a windshield with wipers and even a heater for all common UTVs and side-by-sides. As far as the transport of equipment is concerned, quad-Ro in Sangerhausen has built a fully equipped implement carrier for off-road operations based on a Kymco UXV 700.
The team around Arnold Erichsen from Quad Handel Quern offers a practical loading crane: ATV accessories for forest and hunting: Quad-Ro implement carrier based on a Kymco UXV 700The Wucht-Wumme is so compact that it can be mounted either on the loading area of ​​a side-by-side or on the trailer. Another ingenious solution for use in forestry work is the ‘Woodjack’, which is available from Baumgartner in Lenggries: the Winz trailer has a cable winch with which felled trees can be pulled out of the forest; then they are lifted at the front with a tipping mechanism and can thus be easily pulled with the ATV to the next location where they can be processed for transport.
If the mission requires luggage to be taken along, manufacturers such as Kolpin, Moose and Quadrax are in demand. ATV accessories for forestry and hunting: Udo Röck offers mobile hunting tents that can be pulled into the area with an ATV, buggy or side-by-sideKolpin offers a variety of plug-in and clamping devices as well as special luggage solutions with which even extensive hunting equipment and tools can be transported in a minimum of space and always within reach.
The most frequently sold ATV accessory for forestry and hunting is of course the winch. Apart from their qualitative and functional differences, which are hardly recognizable from the outside, it is important to be familiar with the functions – and dangers. In addition to a wide range of accessories, Warn-Importeur Taubenreuther offers appropriate advice and training courses through the trade. x

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