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Paint stones – use your creativity!

Painting stones is trendy! Certainly for the reason that you put your creativity into play and quickly see the results of your work. It’s also a very nice pastime to do with your kids. Have you tried something like this before? It’s never too late to start. When painting stones, you can teach your little ones dexterity and stimulate their imagination. All you have to do is choose interesting patterns and good colors and you’re good to go!

Steine bemalen zwei verliebte Spatzen küssen sich im Regen Gefühle ausdrücken

When painting stones, one even expresses inner feelings.

  • What do you need for stone painting?

Before you start, you should get everything you need to paint stones. First and foremost, these are the stones themselves. You need river stones for this purpose, because their surface is smooth and they are regularly shaped – just perfect for painting! Such stones can be found on the gravel bank of a river or on the usual stroll along the beach.

Steine bemalen kräftige Farben rosa Flamingo sehr attraktiv

The stronger the colors, the more interesting the stone.

Then you need to think of the paints and brushes that you need to paint stones. Acrylic varnish, acrylic paints and Plaka paints come into question here, but they should not be thick or too diluted with water. Furthermore, we can only recommend that you choose tapered brushes with synthetic hair. These do not get frayed quickly and you will succeed in the painting patterns and the smallest details. Get at least a dozen brushes, especially if you plan to paint stones with children.

Steine bemalen kleiner Frosch sehr niedlich helle Farben sehr ansprechend

The little frog is so cute!

  • Strong colors and funny patterns are required when painting stones

In most cases, the painted stones are used to create unusual decorations for small areas, for example in the garden, for flower beds or pots. A striking mosaic can also be made. There are no limits to your creativity here. But to make this decoration really eye-catching, you need bright colors and funny patterns. Red, blue, yellow and green in their strong nuances are the most popular colors for painting stones. These are strong enough and quickly attract attention.

Steine bemalen kräftige Farben rot schwarz kleine süße Marienkäfer

These cute little ladybugs cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Then use the saturated colors to master the painting patterns. We’ll keep it short: funny patterns are preferred here! Small animals (like ladybugs, butterflies and birds, frogs and cats maybe), colorful faces and other funny motifs are particularly popular. The little ones also love them!

Scroll down now and be inspired by our picture gallery! Here you will definitely find enough inspiration for the next stone painting.

Steine bemalen rote Erdbeeren sehr verlockend

Red strawberries always look tempting.

Steine bemalen reife Wassermelone in Stück interessantes Muster kräftige Farben

Everyone here wants to have a ripe piece of watermelon right away, right?

Steine bemalen lustige Gesichter Emoji sehr gefragt als Motive

Funny faces and emoji are very popular as motifs for painting stones.

Steine bemalen lustige Gesichter Emoji sehr gefragt

Steine bemalen kleiner Spatz lustiges Bild Spaß für Kinder

A picture like this is sure to be a lot of fun for the little ones.

Steine bemalen glatte Oberfläche kleines Mädchen lustiges Motiv

Steine bemalen Schnauze mit Schmetterling

Steine bemalen lustige Motive Bilder

Steine bemalen kleine Vögel bunte Farben

Steine bemalen geometrische Muster bunte Farben

Steine bemalen Tiere Maus Katze Eule

trauriges Gesicht kräftige Farben Steine bemalen

Steine bemalen Gesichtsmaske in Grau

schöne Tischdeko Steine bemalen Blumen Pastellfarben

schöne Deko vier Steine bemalen gelb blau interessante Muster

Steine bemalen blau grau schöne Tischdeko

Steine bemalen Pastellfarben schlichte Muster

Steine bemalen schlichte Muster verschiedene Nuancen Grün

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