Parent-Child Relationship – What Makes Good Parents?


the Parenthood is a big challenge in life. Most couples do everything they can to be good parents. This does not always work. Incorrect communication and poor problem-solving strategies are often the cause.

Accompanying instead of correcting as you grow up

A mistake that many parents make is necessarily correcting the behavior of the children. Psychologists advise, instead of judging the behavior of the little ones, to take on the role of companion. Children need help growing up, not tight boundaries to find ways out of. That is already beginning while playing and runs through the entire coexistence with the little ones. Parents and children should meet at eye level without the parents relinquishing the lead. A simple method is dialogue. Often you will ask your children question after question. This sometimes makes children feel constricted. Let them come up to you on their own and decide for themselves what they want to tell you.

Show real interest through proper communication

The child should also feel that the parents have a genuine interest in them. This can also be implemented well using communication. Instead of asking the little ones one-sidedly how school was or who they played with in the playground, the questions should be more creative and allow more than just one preprogrammed answer. When was the last time you asked your child what they enjoyed or what they were interested in at the moment?

The partner relationship also affects the children

Few People recognize their dual soulwhen you meet her. Instead, it is often pragmatic considerations that lead two people to get together and have children. Here, however, the stress in everyday life is preprogrammed. Parents rarely take seriously the fact that their behavior and also their relationship with their partner are very important building blocks for the behavior and experience of the child.

Avoid arguing in front of your babies or toddlers, because they do not recognize the context and only feel the stress that arises during the argument. In addition, it is essential to avoid any disputes that have to do with the child in the presence of the little ones. They make the children feel guilty or even a threat.

Bans are the last resort

Of course, you shouldn’t allow your children to do everything, but you should always remember that prohibitions are emergency solutions. Parents often orientate themselves to their own ideas when it comes to what is right and what is wrong. But sometimes you should look beyond the horizon and get involved with the unusual ideas of the children. Especially when it comes to choosing the right friends for themselves, the little ones want to independently examine the personalities of the other. But what happens when the kid has the wrong friends? In this situation too, parents should understand absolute prohibitions as the last resort. Rather, they should express their concerns and fears and enter into a dialogue with the child.


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