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Parisian chic in the bedroom – French-style luxury

Parisian chic has established itself as a furnishing style in which traditional and modern come together and form an enchanting whole. It is a synonym for French luxury in the interior, which was created with playful ease. In addition, the French flair can easily be written into any room. If you are looking for ideas for chic interiors with Parisian chic in the living room, then click here. If you want to design your bathroom according to the French pattern, then you can be inspired by another article, where you can take a closer look at the Parisian chic in the bathroom. Today we want to deal with the topic on our website and focus on Parisian chic in the bedroom. We will show you how you can create a room full of peace and serenity and fill it with luxurious touches so that you feel balanced and always at ease there. Stick to it and let yourself be surprised!

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Everyday stress and hectic pace have no place in a bedroom in Parisian chic.

Parisian chic in the bedroom, bright ambience, charm and style, mural, throw blanket on the bed, armchair, small table

Peace, elegance and luxury prevail here.

Parisian chic in the bedroom calm elegance luxury light carpet large sleeping bed chandelier door to the terrace

  • Muted colors dominate the Parisian chic in the bedroom

Parisian houses are in principle very inviting and stylish at the same time. They are always bright, because the French mainly rely on muted colors. In order to introduce Parisian chic into your own realm of calm, start with the right wall design. Better paint the walls white. This is typically Parisian! Curtains and drapes must also be white or can be made in a pastel color. Depending on your personal preferences, these can attract attention through drapery, but not through bright colors and distinctive patterns. Then you can add a touch of muted colors, although it is not required. For example, you can choose the duvet or the decorative pillows in soft pastel colors. However, you can keep everything neutral.

Parisian chic in the bedroom – light ambience with dark parquet floor.

Parisian chic in the bedroom bright ambience parquet floor very inviting fireplace mirror armchair

With a few decorative pillows in pastel colors you can break the monotony and create a charming ambience.

Parisian chic in the bedroom parquet floor wood color white ambience Velvet pillows in pastel colors

However, if you love contrasts or think that they provide a visual balance in any room, then opt for a dark wooden floor. It contrasts perfectly with the white walls and looks very classic. The floor in the bedroom in Parisian chic can be made of dark parquet wood or designed in a herringbone pattern. A soft carpet in light shades can be laid on top. This then creates the contrast and the light color palette in the French bedroom is perfectly rounded.

The Parisian chic in the bedroom symbolizes elegance and sophistication in a French way.

Parisian chic in the bedroom carpet elegant lamps chair blue-gray fireplace mirror curtains

A metal bed can look a bit retro, but it doesn’t disturb the luxurious atmosphere in the French bedroom.

Parisian chic in the bedroom modern metal bed white duvet cover wall painting fur carpet small accents in black

  • The Parisian Chi in the bedroom allows a mix of styles in this very private room

The unobtrusive blending of modern and traditional style is something Parisians are fantastic at. While we don’t all have high ceilings, fireplaces and floors made of herringbone wood, as most French do, it’s an easy way to combine classics with more urban pieces of furniture. Bedroom furniture made of old wood can stand next to elegant armchairs and modern side tables. Subtly patterned carpets are a must in the Parisian chic bedroom. But that’s not all – unusual lamps or crystal chandeliers decorate this personal space and often serve as a definite eye-catcher there. Stylish works of art or prints can be hung on the walls to add a more artistic touch to the bedroom. Forget any eclecticism, rely only on classic and modern elements and give your bedroom a bit more playfulness in Parisian chic. You will definitely never regret this decision!

Vintage style meets modernity – Parisian chic in the bedroom.

Parisian chic in the bedroom parquet floor bed with frame vintage style modern elements

A fireplace with a high wall mirror plus a comfortable upholstered sofa in the corner emphasize the French style in this very elegant bedroom.

Parisian chic in the bedroom, fireplace, high wall mirror, comfortable upholstered sofa, large sleeping bed, decorative item

However, let the classic dominate and choose antique furniture for your Parisian chic bedroom! This creates luxury the French way. For example, the Parisians prefer the traditional and characterful look in the bedroom and add some rustic touches. Here we mean an antique dressing table, oversized wall mirror in a gold-plated and richly decorated frame or a retro metal bed can be a strong statement in the bedroom in Parisian chic. These look absolutely classic and yet appear elegant thanks to additional room elements.

French bedroom with feminine touches.

Parisian chic in the bedroom with feminine touches in pink, full of luxury and sophistication

The crystal chandelier is the definitive eye-catcher in every bedroom in Parisian chic.

Parisian chic in the bedroom crystal chandelier eye-catching white ambience white curtains white duvet cover

  • Typical accessories in Parisian chic in the bedroom

Parisians appreciate the beauty and natural charm even in the smallest details. This is also evident in the French-style bedroom. There’s a vase full of flowers there on the bedside table by the bed. A book that has not been finished is lying next to it or the throw blanket has been laid casually on the bed. These little things round off the casual look in Parisian chic in the bedroom. They create the characterful atmosphere in this very private room. That is the elegant nonchalance that Parisians have mastered perfectly. And we secretly envy them for this ability, right?

The Parisian chic in the bedroom creates a calm and inviting ambience in this very personal space.

Parisian chic in the bedroom calm elegance luxury sophistication very inviting ambience

Elegant nonchalance the French way.

Parisian chic in the bedroom with modern furnishings, elegant nonchalance in a French style. Yellow-green curtains. Bag hangs on the wardrobe with sports shoes in front of the bed

Now scroll down and enjoy classic and elegant bedrooms, full of sophistication and luxury the French way. Here you will find fantastic ideas that you can emulate at home and create a perfect bedroom in Parisian chic. There you will definitely feel like you are in the city of love and fashion, as if you were in Paris!

The French bedroom seems to be designed with playful ease.

Parisian chic in the bedroom luxurious interior design draped curtains bedspread small ladder chandelier

Parisian chic in the bedroom, parquet floor, mirror opposite the bed, classic armchair in the corner, and a modern, left in the foreground, crystal chandelier, throw blanket

Parisian chic in the bedroom very luxurious ambience white dominates golden effects mural

Every Paris chic bedroom has a strong artistic touch.

Parisian chic in the bedroom under a sloping ceiling tray coffee cup pocket magazine murals artistic touch

Parisian chic in the bedroom metal bed retro touches mirror old dresser gray curtains crystal chandelier

Parisian chic in the bedroom fireplace mirror white carpet white linen

Because of the dark color palette, this bedroom looks a bit dramatic but is full of French elegance.

Parisian chic in the bedroom dramatic look dark color palette luxury velvet crystal chandelier

If you like strong contrasts …

Parisian chic in the bedroom, large sleeping bed, a high wall mirror in an ornate frame, contrasting white gray black

… or want to make your own bedroom a little retro in the French style?

Parisian chic in the bedroom dark parquet floor golden yellow bedspread retro elements metal bed fireplace mirror pictures

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