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Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Parker Schnabel is a reality TV personality and gold miner. He has appeared in several shows, including Gold Rush. Despite his young age, he has already amassed a large fortune. With an estimated $8 million, he is one of the richest stars on the show.

He is also a producer for the show. Parker began working in mining at a young age. By the time he turned 24, he had extracted more than $13 million dollars worth of gold. Currently, he is the youngest crew commander on the show. His family owns a small mining company, so he invests most of his earnings in his business.

Although he has a lot of wealth, Parker isn’t rich enough to own his own home or have a fancy car. Luckily, his job pays well. It’s also important to note that he is frugal. He doesn’t like to spend money on expensive restaurants or fancy cars. Instead, he spends his money on things such as better equipment and a sandbox for his dog.

Before Parker Schnabel became a reality star, he had been involved in gold mining for years. In fact, he learned the trade from his grandfather. At the age of 16, he took over his grandfather’s mining operation. During the first year of operating his own business, he found 1029 ounces of gold. As a result, he and his crew made close to $3 million from the operation.

After Gold Rush, Parker starred in a spin-off series, Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. This showed his team’s progress during a season-long mining expedition. During the show, he dated Australian veterinary nurse Ashley Youle. Their relationship lasted for two years. During the breakup, Parker blamed himself for the breakup. Afterward, he and Ashley ended their relationship in December 2018.

In addition to his work on the reality show, Parker is also known for his role on the documentary Gold Rush: The Legend of Porcupine Creek. He is also an expert miner, having worked in the industry since he was five. Aside from his success on Gold Rush, he has also gained popularity for his appearances on other television shows, such as the American TV series Big Brother.

He has a black dog named Doze Man. Parker has been rumored to be antisocial, but he has a social media following of 429k followers. When he is not busy on the TV, he enjoys spending time with his friends. However, he doesn’t have much time for his personal life. Rather, he puts his career before his relationships.

Parker has also been a consultant on the show for a long time. He was introduced in the first season as a cast member and later, he was given the captain’s role. For the second season, he had the opportunity to meet and guide people twice his age. Eventually, he decided to focus on his mining skills.

Parker’s career started on the show, but he eventually decided to go into his own business. He has a blasting crew, a crew that prepares the scenery for his mining scenes, and a crew that excavates his own mines.

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