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Pastel colors – always the right solution for your home

Color trends are constantly changing, but pastel colors never go out of style and everyone enjoys their delicate look. They can be used anywhere in the interior – on furniture, textiles, walls and decoration. Note that you get the soft pastel tones by mixing with pure, rich white. The pastel colors are cold or warm and that depends on the original color. A high proportion of white in the pastel tones enables the visual expansion of the room. This interior is always advantageous, especially if the color scheme is neutral and the range of nuances is only used in one color – this ambience is usually relaxing and does not tire the eyes. Pastel interior is a peculiar example of flexibility and freedom in room design.

Pastel tones color scheme interior decoration colorful accents children's room youthful blue

Colorful accents of color give the room a spring-like freshness

An interesting fact – the use of pastel colors in the nursery is not accidental at all. The anatomical structure of a child’s eye differs from that of an adult. The children perceive the colors differently – they are lighter with them. For this reason, pastel tones are the ideal solution for your little darling’s room. In this way you create a calm, harmonious and relaxing atmosphere for your child.

Pastel colors interior design dining table seating furniture mural black wood

Clear optics and a mural as a wonderful accent in the ambience

If you want to use pastel colors in the interior, take into account that all elements of the interior decoration should be made in the same color saturation of the different color segments. That being said, don’t rule out the possibility of creating a bright, fresh accent in the form of contrasting elements or furniture, since pastel and light go well together. But if the pastel tones seem too much to you, then only consider using them on separate elements in the room – for example textiles, walls, furniture or decoration. This delicate, visual choice is well suited for both small and spacious rooms. Create an airy lightness in your home with the pastel colors. This romantic interior design is timeless and will definitely always be that way.

Pastel color design interior decoration dining room decoration copper pendant lamp hanging lamp

Furniture and decoration in the room harmonize with one another

Feel the tender romance of the soft pastel tones and take a look at our picture gallery.

Pastel tones color scheme interior design dining room seating furniture wood look painting

Soft look in pastel colors in the dining room

Pastel colors interior design living room wall lamp black dark blue wing chair upholstered sofa

Not necessarily just a light blue wall as an addition to the interior

Pastel color scheme interior decoration living room throw pillow sofa

Soft colors are pleasing to the eye

Pastel colors interior design white pink Classic design floor lamp upholstered armchair

Pink and white – a timeless classic

Pastel color design interior decoration carpet geometric pattern basket

Filigree pieces of furniture complement the pastel-colored interior

Pastel colors interior design knitted blanket decorative iron gray floor lamp

Knitted blankets and decorative pillows always look cozy

Pastel colors interior design pendant lamp copper tablecloth gray wooden floor

Copper-colored pendant lights go very well with pastel shades

Pastel colors interior design Orhidee white upholstered armchair

Clear atmosphere in white

Pastel colors interior design purple blue floor lamp classic wooden shelf

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