Pat Bolin

Patrick is a former Division One college baseball player who now serves in senior management positions in IT. Additionally, he serves on both Veritex Community Bank’s board and SMU Cox School of Business’s executive board.

Evansville Fraternal Order of Police President Dave Thompson and other critics have frequently taken issue with EPD policies that appear to include ticketing quotas as ticketing targets.

Early Life and Education

Pat Bolin hails from Madill, Oklahoma where she attended Madill High School before earning a BA degree at Southern Methodist University. Today, she serves as executive chairman for Eagle Oil & Gas Co and several other boards.

Bolin was an avid proponent for civil rights and children’s issues throughout her life, being a member of both the NAACP and Child Welfare League.

Bolin became one of two black freshmen when she enrolled at Wellesley College and experienced social rejection from white peers. At Yale Law School she went on to become the first black woman ever to earn a law degree and pass the New York State Bar Exam. Bolin went on to found Wiltwyck School with Eleanor Roosevelt and promoted its mission of helping juvenile offenders reshape their lives.

Professional Career

Pat Bolin currently serves as executive chairman of Eagle Oil & Gas Co. Additionally, he holds board member positions at various businesses such as Veritex Community Bank of Dallas and SMU’s Maguire Energy Institute Advisory Board at its Cox School of Business. Bolin has long supported SMU athletics and serves on their Second Century Campaign Steering Committee and Alumni Board of Directors; additionally he belongs to both Salesmanship Club of Dallas and Goodwill Industries of Greater Dallas as active members. Upon graduating in 1973 from SMU with a degree in Psychology

Achievement and Honors

Bolin was an advocate for civil rights, children’s rights, education and community work during her lifetime. She served on many organizations’ boards – including New York City Scholarship and Service Fund for Negroes; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; Child Welfare League; Harlem Lawyers’ Association and Committee for Improvement of Law in New York – while being active with charity work and philanthropy initiatives including Wiltwyck School support – her work being recognized by US Representative Charles Rangel; an administration building in Poughkeepsie was named in her honour!

Bolin currently sits on the board for The Nature Conservancy Dallas and Goodwill Industries as well as being an adviser. Additionally, she has long supported SMU by creating the Pat and Jane Bolin BBA Scholars Endowment Fund at Cox School of Business at SMU.

Personal Life

Pat Bolin founded Eagle Oil & Gas Co. with his father Phillip and business partner Warren Ayres in 1976. Additionally, he serves on the boards of Veritex Community Bank of Dallas and as part of SMU Cox School of Business’s executive committee.

He and his wife, Jane, contributed $7.5 million to SMU in September to fund renovation of Bolin-Bridwell Hall at its business school, providing classrooms dedicated to technology and data analysis as well as collaboration spaces.

Bolin leaves behind his daughter Chelsea and son Patrick Casey Nichols as well as grandchild Yaneli Amaya; two sisters Debrena Kellough and Alice Billups as well as many extended family and friends who will mourn his passing.

Net Worth

Pat Bowlen reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of approximately one billion US dollars, calculated from the current value of all his assets, less liabilities. These assets include his house, car and other valuable items he owns such as his legal practice in Alberta as well as executive positions with his father’s company and real estate contractors services provided for customers in mining exploration industries. He earned much of this fortune through being an effective lawyer in Alberta as well as through successful investments made within mining mining industries.

He and Annabel Bowlen have five children together: John Bowlen, Brittany Bowlen Bowley, Annabel Bowlen, Christianna Bowlen and Jeremy Bowlen. Bowlen is principal owner and CEO of the Denver Broncos in the National Football League as well as founder and President Emeritus of Beacon Youth & Family Center.

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