Patrick Daves

Patrick Daves – Achieving a Well-Rounded Career

Patrick Daves is an outstanding high school track and field athlete, having captured 17 individual state championships so far. Competing both in hurdles and jumps events, Patrick plans on continuing his career for many more years to come.

Soon after his athletic career is complete, his aim is to work in logistics and supply chain management within the railroad industry. Recently he signed with University of Alabama as part of his plans.

Early Life and Education

Early years are an era of rapid physical, social, and emotional development for children. According to research, experiences, environments, or exposure to positive influences during this time can have lasting ramifications on a person’s future success.

Children during their early developmental years lay down the groundwork for social skills, self-esteem, world view and moral development as well as starting to form learning and literacy abilities.

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Professional Career

Patrick Daves considers his greatest professional achievement to be his long and distinguished career that spans multiple industries and roles, most recently as director of training, membership and program development for SkillsUSA–an organization comprised of students, teachers and industry leaders who collaborate to build more skilled workers–through national partnerships between students, teachers and industry.

As a high school athlete, he earned one of the sport’s most esteemed awards – the 60-meter hurdles state championship in 3A class. His impressive individual performance also played an instrumental role in helping Bayside Academy team secure an outdoor state runner-up title three years in a row.

Achievement and Honors

Patrick Daves has been competing at Bayside Academy track and field since 7th grade. Since then he has won 10 individual state championships, garnered numerous accolades, such as being invited to compete at Olympic trials in Tokyo and recognized for entrepreneurial and leadership skills locally and nationally. On a more personal note he has also been acknowledged for philanthropy activities by lending his name to numerous charitable organizations.

Dave is an all-round great guy; an ideal husband, father and friend. With an expansive heart and thoughtful nature – qualities which he passed down to his son Jack – Dave has always been someone I look up to and admire.

Personal Life

Daves’ wife Elaine may remain relatively unseen during his career pursuits, yet is always there for him and their three children together – with more on the way!

Patrick enjoys mountain hiking and spearfishing as hobbies in his free time, in addition to freediving and sustainable hunting.

He has also dedicated much of his free time and talent to educational, cultural and political institutions in New Jersey such as The College of New Jersey, Morehouse College and Union Industrial Home.

He has competed nationally and earned All-American honors three times. Recently he signed with the University of Alabama to continue his track career there; when his track career is finished he hopes to work in logistics or supply chain management within the railroad industry.

Net Worth

Daddy Dave is one of the most beloved contestants of Street Outlaws and earns approximately $100,000 per season from this reality show alone. Additionally, he earns money through endorsements and professional car racing.

Santan Dave has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $3.3 Million through various sources, such as music sales and touring.

He has also made money through his clothing business. By selling t-shirts and hoodies online, he makes considerable revenue.

His YouTube channel boasts 100-180K views per video and he earns approximately $3 per thousand monthly listeners on streaming platforms such as Spotify or YouTube – adding up to an annual total of approximately $494,604.

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