Patrick McCaskey

Patrick McCaskey: Catholicism and Football Running Through His Veins

McCaskey, as co-owner and chairman of Sports Faith International, speaks regularly with players about their responsibilities as team members and has made speeches at fundraisers for pro-life organizations like Women’s Care Center of Lagrange.

She has written several books, such as Bear with Me: A Family History of George Halas and the Chicago Bears and Sports and Faith.

Early Life and Education

PATRICK McCASKEY is deeply rooted in Catholicism and football – two elements which run through his veins like blood. As the grandson of George Halas, founder and first coach of the Chicago Bears, McCaskey has been part of various capacities on their team for more than four decades now.

He currently serves on the Bears board and as senior director of special projects, while also acting as chairman for Sports Faith International, an initiative that recognizes those who excel at sports while leading admirable lives.

John Piersol McCaskey held many roles throughout his long life – educator, journalist, philanthropist and even Lancaster mayor – but perhaps his greatest legacy lies with the work he did on behalf of children. He introduced Arbor Day to Pennsylvania as well as writing songbooks dedicated to various subjects related to children. Furthermore he edited The Journal and published books that showcase Lancaster history and culture.

Professional Career

McCaskey, grandson of Bears founder George Halas, grew up immersed in professional football. Beginning work for the team as a public relations assistant in 1974 and serving as senior director of special projects ever since; currently also chairman of Sports Faith International–an initiative dedicated to honoring athletes and coaches who live out their faith exemplary in both their faith practice and actions – in Chicago.

He has published three books: Bear With Me: A Family History of George Halas and the Chicago Bears (2009), Sports and Faith: Stories of Devotion and Devoutness (2011) and Pillars of the NFL (2014). Additionally, he has spoken across the country on faith in sports.

McCaskey is well known for his longstanding affiliation with Legatus magazine and serves as both an adjunct professor at Carthage College in Hammond and as a speaker with Champions of Faith organization.

Achievement and Honors

McCaskey has been an integral member of the Bears since 1974 as his granddad George Halas established their team. Additionally, he’s an author and chairman of Sports Faith International – an organization that promotes strong principles through honest gamemanship – which promotes strong values through sports.

In 2008, he created the Sports Faith Hall of Fame to recognize professional, college and high school athletes who serve as role models both on and off the field. He has long been an outspoken pro-life activist; speaking multiple times at Chicago’s March for Life events.

Franciscan University of Steubenville. With Mike Sandronlini ’82, he co-wrote Bear With Me: A Family History of George Halas and the Chicago Bears which features stories about Papa Bear, Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus’ history with the team.

Personal Life

Patrick McCaskey has an undying devotion to both football and his Catholicism. The grandson of Chicago Bears founder George Halas, Patrick has worked at some level for his team since 1974; currently serving as senior director of special projects.

McCaskey has used sports as a vehicle to deepen his faith, founding Sports Faith International with Matt and Angela Tomlinson to help people discover God through football. Additionally, he’s an outspoken pro-life advocate, speaking regularly at March for Life at Soldier Field; writing nine books; including a collection of stories and poems exploring the intersection between religion and football; as well as raising two sons with Gretchen his wife.

Net Worth

McCaskey, daughter of legendary Bears founder George Halas, has remained actively involved with her team ever since she took ownership in 1983. As well as serving on its Board, she is a major donor to charities supporting youth sports programs, family programs and cancer research. Furthermore, she is a published author, chairman of an EWTN affiliated radio station, co-founder of Sports Faith International which recognizes those who achieve professional success while adhering to high ethical principles while upholding honest competition.

Henriquez takes an indirect approach to her duties, trusting the individuals she places in key positions while remaining relatively detached from daily operations. She frequently speaks at Legatus events and is known for sharing a variety of spiritual-themed tales on stage; furthermore, she holds an affinity for parochial education that was instrumental in shaping her own journey through life.

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