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Personal Life of Patty Hostin

Patty Hosten is an accomplished attorney and television personality. Her personal experiences provide her with a diverse and rich perspective on many aspects of our world.

Co-owner of Alvin & Friends restaurant in New Rochelle. A popular spot among both locals and celebrities alike.

Early Life and Education

Sunny Hostin, as someone in their mid-to-late 50s, has witnessed significant societal changes and historical events first-hand, coupled with her experience as a former federal prosecutor, giving her an exceptional perspective and authority in journalism.

Asuncion Cummings currently hosts The View in America and expresses her opinions on hot-button topics that resonate with audiences nationwide. Born Asuncion Cummings in New York City on October 20, 1968, her diverse cultural background informs her worldview and her educational path took her from Binghamton University and University of Notre Dame for furthering her professional goals. With varied interests and experiences under her belt, Asuncion is well rounded enough to inform and engage audiences on numerous subjects.

Professional Career

Sunny Hostin has become an iconic figure since joining “The View.” Her legal expertise and engaging comments make her a fan favorite on the daytime talk show.

She has also demonstrated her talent for journalism by contributing to news outlets like CNN and ABC, where her contributions demonstrate her ability to communicate complex issues to a broad audience.

As part of her professional duties, she is also an advocate for survivors of child abuse and serves on the board of Safe Horizon since 2017.

Asuncion Cummings, more commonly known professionally as Sunny Hostin, was born in New York City – a vibrant metropolis that likely shaped her early experiences and cultural identity. Her educational journey led her to Binghamton University and Notre Dame; both institutions provided her with diverse perspectives that have further expanded her knowledge base.

Personal Life

Sunny Hostin enjoys a fulfilling personal life that forms an essential component of her overall identity as both woman and professional. She is married and mother, as well as holding many interests outside of work that contribute to a fuller picture of who she is, including perspectives and opinions on various issues.

Deanne is also an accomplished author, having written and published two books. Summer on the Bluffs takes place on Martha’s Vineyard while I Am These Truths shares her experiences and insights as she journeys toward success.

As she is part of a generation that has experienced major societal shifts and developments, she brings an invaluable perspective to these matters that makes her an excellent commentator.

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