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Pendant lamp in industrial design – uniqueness and inspiration

The modern designs of the lights are largely shaped by the characteristic accents from different epochs and cultures. In a remarkable way, the styles of the past are making a great comeback, but with a modern look and promising energy-saving solutions. They can be recognized by leading trends in contemporary designer lighting. The industrial design is extraordinary and original; we wonder what secrets and challenges it hides within. Many people believe that this design is only suitable for a male interior style or for public spaces. Other people think that industrial design is beautiful in itself and as a decoration it goes with any home design. Here we offer some tips for the design of industrial lights in almost every living style – from the kitchen to the study.

Pendant lamp light bulb rope accessory-industrial design hanging lamp

These lamps give a particularly rough first feeling, for which the sharp design is partly responsible, and the material used to manufacture them also contributes to this. In most cases iron, steel and wood are used, sometimes things that appear to be useless materials – such as old cages, bottles, light bulbs, etc. The inventiveness and creativity of the designer play a decisive role in the unsightly fabrics in objects with an interesting look transformed. From the multitude of modern ideas – choosing the desired furnishings for a trendy interior design – this can only be a great pleasure and an irresistible challenge.

Vintage Steampunk Metal Retro 5 Lights Industrial Design Pendant Light

Vintage and retro hanging lamp made of metal with 5 lightbulbs

Vintage Loft Pendant Light Pulley Industrial Design Suspension Light

Vintage pendant lamp

Rustic retro pendant lamp Industrial iron design suspension lamp

Rustic retro pendant lamp made of iron

Designer pendant lamp metal bronze black -Industrial design suspension lamp

Designer pendant lamp made of bronze in black

Rustic hut country style industrial design hanging lamp

Rustic pendant lamp in country house style

Ceiling lamp candles industrial wood design hanging lamp

Ceiling lamp with wooden electric candles

Chandelier 6 lights retro incandescent industrial design hanging lamp

Chandelier with 6 retro light bulbs

Loft pendant lighting-industrial design hanging lamp

Lighting in an attic apartment

Bronze antique pendant lamp-industrial design suspension lamp

Antique bronze pendant lamp

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