Perfect finish when polishing cars with eccentric polishing machines

Brilliant shine even for beginners: car polishing with the eccentric polishing machine

Spring begins. Now is the perfect time to get your car ready for the summer. In addition to changing tires, careful polishing of the bodywork is also on the agenda for car lovers. However, polishing a car by hand can be tedious and the result often leaves a lot to be desired. Most of the time you can still see residues of the polishing agent afterwards and the vehicle is covered by a fine gray haze – but it should shine like new.

A polishing machine for the car can help here, but beginners often do not dare to use the mechanical tool for fear of damage to the paintwork. But eccentric polishing machines in particular are also suitable for beginners. Anyone who polishes their car with it avoids unsightly holograms and creates a uniform, clean result. A test of eccentric polishing machines shows the advantages of each type of device and how to achieve the perfect finish.

That is why the eccentric polisher is so suitable for beginners

In addition to eccentrics, there are also rotary polishing machines. The functioning of the two groups of devices differs greatly. While the eccentric polishing machine for the car can also be operated by laypeople due to its easy handling, machines with a rotary mechanism often pose a challenge even to professionals. Due to the eccentric movement of the polishing pad, less kinetic energy is required than with rotation. As a result, the devices generate less heat and are therefore safer and easier to use. Even beginners who need a little longer to polish their car than experienced professionals need not be afraid of overheating. But there are also differences within the range of eccentric polishing machines.

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How good the sealing result is is particularly visible on dark paintwork.

These types of polishing machines exist

The eccentric movement of this device is due to the fact that the weight is distributed unevenly on the spindle as a result of the movement. The drive is therefore based on a counterweight. Free-running eccentric polishing machines are particularly popular with beginners, are among the most common models and are characterized by:

  • low entry prices
  • minimal risk of danger
  • a clean result without holograms
  • Eccentric with forced drive:

Unlike the freewheel, where the counterweight kicks off the movement, these models have a gear that feeds the stroke and creates movement. A sudden stopping of the eccentric is thus impossible. Typical for models with positive drive is:

  • a high entry price
  • a high removal rate
  • a clean finish with no holograms
  • many possible applications

Polishing with the eccentric polisher: the result becomes crystal clear

For beginners who do not want to invest so much money at first, a freewheel eccentric is a really good choice. Even entry-level models are powerful and lead to a finish that is impressive. However, it should be checked in advance whether polishing is permitted on private property. But even within the free-running devices you have to differentiate in order to select the model that best suits your own needs. An important criterion is the hub size. Polishing machines with a smaller stroke, i.e. less than 15mm, are more manoeuvrable and ideal for small areas or hard-to-reach places. However, due to the smaller eccentric movement, such a device also removes less surface area. It takes longer for the desired result to be achieved. If an eccentric has a larger stroke, it has a higher removal rate. Accordingly, you quickly get an even finish. This type of eccentric is particularly suitable for large-scale use in easily accessible places. By the way, this is how the perfect rim cleaning succeeds.


Typical beading effect after sealing/polishing

One thing is clear: Beginners in polishing work particularly well with these devices

If you look at all the advantages and disadvantages of the individual types of device, it quickly becomes clear: Freewheel eccentric polishing machines are particularly suitable for car enthusiasts. If you buy an entry-level model at a reasonable price, you will enjoy it for a long time. Ideally, you should choose a device with a small hub. So you are definitely on the safe side, never wear too much and reach every corner of the beloved car paint. But before polishing you should always visit a car wash. With the right polishing device, not only does the car shine, but also the proud owner. Due to the current situation, unnecessary cruising should be avoided.


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