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Pergola in the garden combines aesthetic and practical functions

If you want a cozy, but homely place in the garden, where you like to linger in the open air, then you’ve come to the right place. Because we want to list the most important functions of a pergola and inspire you to design your own outdoors.

the Pergola in the garden is actually not news, because such constructions were very popular in ancient times. In the Mediterranean region in particular, people liked to build pergolas, which in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire had predominantly heavy and lavishly decorated columns. The name pergola also comes from Latin and means pre- and / or cultivation. At that time, the classic column construction served to mitigate the strong solar radiation in the southern part of Europe and to offer proper sun protection. The pergola has retained this function to this day. That counts even more today. It must be emphasized here that the pergola still offers privacy. The construction can easily be greened. It is the perfect framework for various climbing plants such as ivy, grapevines, but also roses or wisteria. There you can hang up wonderful hanging baskets and turn the pergola into a quiet place in the garden, protected from prying eyes. So with a pergola you bring new aesthetics to your outdoor area and at the same time you have many practical advantages.

Pergola aus Holz im Garten

A quiet place to have a coffee and linger

You can currently find pergolas in various sizes and designs in specialist shops, online or at the hardware store. Basically, they are divided into two main types, there are free-standing pergolas in the garden and those that are attached to the house. You have to decide for yourself which type works better for you and is ideally suited, primarily depending on the free space available. In principle, there are no limits to your creative imagination and ingenuity. With a diverse selection of models, you can easily choose the best for your outdoor area and in this way add a great addition to your exterior. The designs are really different so you can choose the right one depending on your own style and taste. Do you prefer a classic wooden pergola or would you prefer a more modern one, made of plastic or metal? The models can still look rustic, have a country-house style or have more of an industrial character. There are also purely romantic pergolas, those that look very simple and modern, and models in a minimalist style. As you can see, what is important to you could easily be found. As far as the building materials for the pergolas are concerned, we want to say that wood is the most widespread variant and will certainly stay that way for as long. More modern designs are made of plastic, metal or aluminum and even have built-in electronics, which makes it easier to operate a folding sun canopy or a clamped awning. A completely closed pergola is rarely chosen. The half-open or completely open models are much more popular, but of course that depends on your weather conditions and the amount of light.

klassische Pergola aus Holz

The best way to relieve the stress of everyday life is in the middle of the green and stylish garden landscape

Klassisches Modell Pergola dreieckig offen aus Holz

A classic model pergola in a triangular shape and made of wood

If you like to celebrate outdoors in summer, a pergola in the garden is the best place for your parties. Decorate the construct with lanterns, lamps and fairy lights, add a few flower pots and you have it! The garden party can begin!

Pergola Gartenparty beleuchtet Baldachin Grill

The garden party can start here!

It is important that the pergola fulfills its practical functions and introduces freshness and a decidedly aesthetic flair into your garden. With a pergola you can treat yourself to a place to eat outdoors, to linger in the fresh air or simply a popular place to relax. Should one further enumerate the advantages of the pergola?

pergola garten modern

A simple, square pergola model made of wood is complemented here by a round table and three stools.

Elegante Pergola Design Gestaltung

Modernism kisses antiquity

Pergola im Garten aus holz

Stone pillars and wooden structures are made with attention to detail

klassisches Design Steinboden Pergola aus Holz

The classic must not be missing on the stone floor is the wooden pergola

Holzpergola in Weiß

Treat yourself to some luxury outdoors!

Pergola ans Haus

The pergola attached to the house must be in absolute harmony with the architectural style of the main building

Pergola im rustikalen Stil

Rustic and green – have an idyll outside

elegante Pergola weiß gestrichen schicke Gartenmöbel

The pergola is the perfect addition to the garden or veranda

Pergola Relax Oase neben dem Pool Gartenmöbel aus Holz

A cozy relaxation oasis next to the pool

Garten Pergola gestalten Ideen

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the beautiful view of the pool and the green garden landscape from the pergola

Pergola aus Holz Ourdoor Möbel aus Metall

Combine wood with metal and achieve a wonderful result

moderne Pergola aus Metall schöne Outdoor Möbel

The modern pergola is sublime and trendy!

terrasse ideen gestalten metall pergola

The design of the attached pergola can also be a bit unusual

Moderne Pergola interessantes Design

You couldn’t be missing anything here, right?

Angebaute Pergola luxuriöses Design

The pergola attached to the house is becoming increasingly popular

Pergola aus Holz

Have a cozy place to eat and relax outdoors

moderne Pergola schlichtes Design Metall

A modern metal pergola

Pergola interessantes Modell Design Grüße selbst bestimmen

You can determine the design and size of your pergola yourself

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