Pete Alonso Net Worth

What is Pete Alonso’s Net Worth?

Whether you love or hate Pete Alonso, you have to admit he is a talented athlete. His accomplishments have earned him a high net worth, and he’s a star in the NFL, MLB, and Lacrosse. Read on to learn more about the athlete and his life.


Known as a “Polar Bear” because of his power, Pete Alonso is a famous American professional baseball first baseman for the New York Mets. In 2019, Alonso was named the NL Rookie of the Year and won the MLB Home Run Derby. He earned $2 million for his success in the Derby. Alonso is one of the few players to have won back-to-back Derbys.

Pete Alonso was born on December 7, 1994, in Tampa, Florida. He attended the University of Florida where he was a star in baseball. His father was a former college softball player at Ohio Wesleyan University. He also played football and lacrosse. During his freshman year, he earned All-Southeastern Conference honors. He went on to play for the Bourne Braves in the Cape Cod Baseball League.


During his early years, Pete Alonso was a multi-sports star. He played football and lacrosse as a freshman at Jesuit High School. After graduating, he went on to play baseball at the University of Florida.

In addition to his baseball career, Alonso also founded The Alonso Foundation, which assists youth, veterans, and animals. He has a passion for fishing. In fact, he is known to share fish with fans. He also runs a non-profit organization, Homers for Heroes, which assists everyday heroes in the pandemic.

Alonso also spent weeks writing down his teammates’ shoe sizes and preferred brands. In addition, he gave his teammates cleats commemorating 9/11.

While he may not have been the most successful athlete in terms of stats, Alonso is considered one of the top prospects for the major leagues. He was selected by the New York Mets in the MLB draft in 2016. Alonso earned a signing bonus of $909,200. During his rookie season, he signed his first endorsement deal. He also appeared in a luxurious new BMW model with three other MLB players.

Home Run Derby

Having a successful professional baseball career has helped Pete Alonso’s net worth. He is currently the first baseman for the New York Mets. During his two years in the majors, Alonso has shown an increase in productivity. His pay has increased as well.

Alonso’s first professional contract was signed by the Mets, and included a $909,200 signing bonus. The salary was increased to $652,521. In addition to the salary increase, Alonso also received a one-year contract extension. The contract also allowed him to make money from the sale of signed items and collectibles.

Alonso also received the NL Rookie of the Year award. He was also nominated to the MLB All-Star Game. His performance helped him avoid salary arbitration and allowed him to start in the first round.

Personal life

During Pete Alonso’s career, he has been a power hitting batsman. He has a fair complexion and blonde hair. He is also known for his charitable work. He runs an organization called Homers for Heroes. Alonso is also a very active Instagram user.

Alonso is one of the best MLB rookies. His impressive start to his career made him the first player in MLB history to have 11 extra base hits. He also tied with Carlos Delgado for the most home runs by a Mets player before the All-Star break.

Alonso has homered in five of the last seven games. He also has driven in at least one run in eight consecutive games. In the last game, he homered against Pablo Lopez in the fourth inning. His homer narrowed the Brewers’ lead to 4-3.

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