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ROSEMOOD studio creates stationery for special occasions

designer photo book
Designer photo prints in various forms: Rosemood Atelier

Whether it’s a present, a small souvenir, a nice greeting card or an invitation card, anyone who receives something from others is particularly happy about a personal, loving design. Of course, you don’t have to do everything yourself, even small personal extras can create an individual effect.

Photo books, for example, are rarely glued by hand. Instead, many of us resort to the service of an online print shop to give our loved ones a nice souvenir of past celebrations. Thanks to the photo printing online you can enjoy the nice togetherness school enrollment, Youth consecration or Silver wedding Take a look back at home in the comfort of your own home.

Most of the time, the choice falls on those service providers from whom you would otherwise also order photos. Often these are inexpensive providers from the drugstore and discount store sectors. What you tend to forget: The layouts and graphics are rarely adapted or modernized here. This means that you always end up with the same photo book or poster – only the photos change.

There’s no arguing about taste: designs that convince everyone

For a special occasion, however, there is a special product: That Atelier Rosemood from France has its own Graphics and creative teamthat gives your photo prints the finishing touches. Photo books, invitation and greeting cards look much more valuable and individual. The recipient sees at first glance that he is holding something tasty in his hands. A gesture that shows that you really like him or her.

Editing is included in the service

Who doesn’t know it ?: You spend hours working on a photo book, adding text descriptions and funny anecdotes to the pictures, looking forward to the result – and only realizing that typing errors have crept in when the photo book is printed out. Now, of course, it is too late to correct it.

Atelier Rosemood prevents such annoying experiences by using a correction service. All of your photo creations will be proofread before they go to print. Typing and spelling errors don’t stand a chance!

Your drafts will also be checked again by graphic designers in order to suggest improvements. Maybe you are not sure which one Paper type for your personal calendar or notebook. Rosemood will be happy to advise you. Care is a top priority for Rosemood. After all, customers should be satisfied.

fotobuch rosemood
Photo courtesy of Atelier Rosemood

Stylish templates for photo books

Anyone who is unsure about the design of the desired photo product can fall back on stylistically excellent templates. For example, the designers at Rosemood have put a lot of thought into working out the layout on the inside of the photo books: Each layout template is designed so that your photo book appears harmonious and coherent as a whole. And you can see that at first glance.

Because of the designer templates, I would only fall back on the service from Rosemood. As far as the arrangement of the photos is concerned, I have often faced challenges with other photo service providers – and in the end I always opted for a very ordinary (not to say boring) layout. That can no longer happen to me with Rosemood.

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