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When asked: “Maybe a little less?”…, the answer is rarely: “Yes, please.” Different with André Weiser. He was tired of four wheels and switched to the tricycle scene without further ado. Of course, we are not talking about a tricycle, as most people probably know from childhood. The Baden-Württemberger switched from the quad to a Can-Am Spyder some time ago and has not regretted his decision to this day.
Once upon a time there was a 450 Triton… Not a fairy tale, but the Triton is history, at least for André Weiser. He used to have one and sold it some time ago after having enjoyed the vehicle for a number of years. Not because of the fun Four became three, and the Triton Quad became a Can-Am Spyder.  André Spyder has not regretted the move.was gone, but despite some conversions and finally almost 50 horsepower, the machine was now reaching its limits, especially in terms of feed. “I just wanted something faster,” says André, who is quite sporty when it comes to cars with an Audi S3 with a good 300 hp, but didn’t want to forego open-top driving fun.
“I saw a Can-Am Spyder at a trade fair a few years ago,” recalls André Weiser, who has been flirting with such a “tricycle” ever since. Weiser couldn’t let go of the idea of ​​a Spyder, which has been available for purchase on the German market since 2008, and in November 2017 the time had come. The Triton was replaced by a limited edition Spyder. The green-white-red bullet, a 1000, rolled along with around twice as much horsepower as the quad before it.
Four became three, and the Triton Quad became a Can-Am Spyder.  André Spyder has not regretted the move.“The part was ultimately a bargain, only had 2,500 kilometers on the clock and, funnily enough, the guys from the Quadcenter Zollernalb, where I did the conversions that soon followed, sold it to where I picked them up.” It was a distance of around 250 kilometers from there there to the garage at home. “That was missing until about two and a half years ago, which is why the purchase of a Spyder was postponed several times.”

Rethink, especially when cornering

The drive home was André’s first experience with the unfamiliar vehicle. The trained carpenter, who also works on cars as a hobby in a VW and Audi club, was not surprised by the performance. “I knew then what to expect.” Of course, the driving behavior in curves was completely different from that of the quad. “You really had to rethink that.” A problem that Weiser’s girlfriend didn’t have because she hadn’t ridden a motorcycle or quad before, but she was a bit overwhelmed by the performance of the Spyder. “In the end, however, enthusiasm prevailed”, today André shares the hobby and the vehicle with her. Four became three, and the Triton Quad became a Can-Am Spyder.  André Spyder has not regretted the move.  The chassis was the most expensive item in the conversions so far.“We always talk to each other about who is going on a tour or what plans to do with the Spyder, not that I’m standing in front of an empty garage and thinking that things have been stolen.”
Since the Spyder has been at André’s house, a lot has of course been rebuilt. “Even if it’s a limited edition, you don’t have to leave it original.” A good 3000 euros have already been invested, the biggest item being the chassis, which also and especially made a difference when cornering and increased performance of at least 30 percent. An Akrapovic muffler not only ensures good sound. “I think that the Spyder just pulls through better overall now”, the speedometer has already shown a good 195, “but I would say An Akrapovic muffler provides good sound and a little better thrust.measured, it should be 185.” However, a local speed camera was not specially tried to have it in writing with a 3 kmh tolerance.

The look has also been redesigned a bit

In terms of optics, a little has been improved. So there were new rims, a few chic direction change indicators and new mirrors. In terms of engine tuning, nothing further has been done, “because it’s still enough and illegal things shouldn’t be installed anyway,” says André, who needed quite a while until he got over the feeling with the Spider in the curves as well as he did before the quad “Motorcycles can be made difficult on well winding tracks once you get the feel for the Spyder.”
Four became three, and the Triton Quad became a Can-Am Spyder.  André Spyder has not regretted the move.Incidentally, the conversions were all made in the Quadcenter Zollernalb, where both Weiser and his Spyder, who is now a little bit at home again, are welcome guests. At the moment there is a chance to buy exactly the same vehicle again. “We, my girlfriend and I, are thinking about it, but nothing has been decided yet, since we agree on the use of one and otherwise we can jet off with the Spyder together.”

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