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Pit Jacks and Their Uses

Pit jacks are specifically designed to meet the demands of vehicle repair shops with subfloor service pits, using air power for faster and safer lifting of vehicles.

Stertil-Koni’s freestanding rolling pit jack products feature a lifting capacity of 30,000 pounds and are engineered for safe operation on pit floors without upper pit edges for support. Lifting is done using an air driven fully hydraulic pump actuated via tandem foot pedals.

Early Life and Education

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Stertil-Koni offers a free-standing air hydraulic pit jack product to provide safe and reliable lifting in workshops that utilize below-floor concrete pits. This jack operates independently from edge or wall support systems for ease of operation while leaving service technicians hands free for vehicle undercarriage work.

These hydraulic jacks feature dual rams that travel together for raising or lowering vehicles, with options for additional ram extensions and saddles. Each pair of jacks is managed using a hydraulic-dividing valve to ensure synchronized movement of their dual rams.

Professional Career

Race car pit crew members work in an intense, time-sensitive outdoor environment for 12-15 hours every day, which requires them to stay physically fit at all times. Sprint training and running should help race car pit crew members to develop strength, agility and balance as part of their daily training regimens.

Young people interested in professional racing teams can contact local and regional race track facilities and inquire about volunteer programs. Volunteer programs allow volunteers to shadow professionals while observing how they carry out their duties; some even offer paid internship opportunities!

Achievement and Honors

NASCAR teams use pit jacks as part of their vehicle preparation equipment. Constructed of aluminum for ease of use and made with tight tolerances to fit each specific size vehicle, pit jacks can help teams prepare their cars for races while simultaneously helping repair crews work on them while they remain on the ground.

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Personal Life

Heavy duty commercial pit jacks are specially suited to large service pits and feature an extensive array of ram extensions, saddles, and accessories that cover most applications. Their fast air hydraulic pump offers advance/power lift control through an up/down air valve; additionally they come equipped with safety hose burst valves and 90 degree movement isolation valves to meet most needs.

These larger than scissor or bottle jacks feature two large vertical cylinders to hold their piston. Most often hydraulic-powered, these devices can be operated with just a simple lever.

Our 20 tonne twin ram jacks can be ordered with either a hand operated pump option, designed to accommodate oddly-shaped pits or when air pressure is not available. They feature high quality hard chrome-plated piston rods with top seal technology for top performance; CE certification and test certificates can also be supplied if requested.

Net Worth

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Stertil-Koni’s freestanding rolling pit jacks boast an impressive 33,000-pound lifting capacity, enabling them to operate without the need for walls or edges as supports. One pedal quickly raises piston to contact vehicle being lifted while another allows precise lifting in small increments for service technicians working under-vehicle components.

Stabilizers play an integral part in race car stability; usually two are assigned per team.

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