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Damon Dash Launches Poppington Clothing Line

Damon Dash, co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records and Rocawear, has introduced his clothing line called Poppington. This fashion collection includes tees, fleece sweaters, hats and women’s swimwear; his children, Damon Dash II and Ava modeled these pieces for company promotional photos and they are made in America according to Poppington’s website.

Early Life and Education

Damon Dash is an innovative entrepreneur and businessman, having successfully launched multiple profitable endeavors, such as his online clothing store, subscription-based music streaming service Dame Dash Studios and movie production house (with initial plans underway for film). Furthermore, he created fashion lines as well as founding the Dame Dash Diabetes Network.

Recently, he was seen posing alongside his daughter Ava and son Damon Dash II wearing pieces from his Poppington clothing line. They looked chic as they struck multiple poses together.

Christopher Brown is a Massachusetts attorney who has filed three defamation suits against Damon Dash and Poppington LLC – all alleging defamation. Since Dash lives in California while Poppington LLC operates out of New York state, their cases cannot be adjudicated in Massachusetts court as neither have general jurisdiction over them.

Professional Career

Damon Dash is a music producer and entrepreneur. As owner of Poppington LLC, which operates an online clothing store and subscription-based music streaming service. Established in New York and located at 13547 Ventura Boulevard Suite 199 Sherman Oaks California as well as at 11975 Crest Place Beverly Hills California for service of process purposes respectively; their agent for process delivery being Rocket Lawyer Inc. His daughter Ava and son Damon II both model for Poppington; often seen donning styles from his clothing brand which features tees, fleece sweaters hats & socks all made right here in America!

Personal Life

Dame Dash has an impressive resume, including co-founding Roc-A-Fella Records and Rocawear as well as founding media collective DD172 and fashion line Poppington. Most recently Dame Dash released a lifestyle TV channel and app available through streaming television service FilmOn that allows viewers to purchase pieces featured on his show Dame Dash TV.

Damon “Boogie” Dash and him appear on Growing Up Hip Hop together. Additionally, he’s working on writing, directing and acting in a drama film which will star his cousin Raquel “Rocky” Horn (creative director for their Poppington clothing line).

Brown has filed a formal lawsuit alleging defamatory statements made by Dash that have damaged his reputation in Massachusetts, his home state. Brown seeks compensatory and punitive damages from Dash for this conduct.

Net Worth

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Dame Dash has long been involved in various business endeavors, from his clothing line Poppington and film production company Damon Dash Studios to an ongoing relationship with Raquel Horn who serves as his creative director for Poppington and film production company Damon Dash Studios. Together, they share two children, Ava and Damon Dash II – who can often be found modeling his designs!

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