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Popular living trends out? Yes, some things will be out of date in 2020!

After we have familiarized ourselves with the latest living trends, we only have to say one thing: “Panta rhei!” The well-known ancient Greek aphorism applies exactly to the tendencies in interior design, because it means “everything flows, changes and nothing stays the same ! ”As in the new year, certain changes can be expected in the area of ​​interior design and furnishings. What is particularly popular in 2019 is no longer relevant. Obviously, some popular living trends are out in 2020! If you are planning to renovate your home this year, it is imperative that you find out about it. We all want our four boys to look modern, chic and trendy. That is why we are showing you the following 4 living trends that have been popular and very popular so far, which will definitely no longer be in demand in 2020. We want to help you to bring your interior up to date as quickly as possible and to free it from the old living trends as quickly as possible. Stick with it!

What’s coming, what’s going Which living trends will remain current in 2020 and which are definitely out?

Wohntrends out 2020 schönes geräumiges Wohnzimmer aber in Grau nicht aktuell

Before we tell you exactly which home trends are out, we would like to briefly point out what will remain topical in the new year. The experts report that warm and earthy tones will definitely continue to dominate the interior and remain trendy. In addition, single-colored rooms in bold colors are sure to stay up-to-date, which means they are back in. But be careful: Avoid bright colors, these are out of the living trends in 2020! Let’s briefly list what to stay away from in the New Year! Do we want to start now?

An accent wall in a dark color is no longer part of the 2020 home trends.

Wohntrends out 2020 eine Akzentwand in dunkler farbe ist nicht mehr gefragt

Gray can no longer be the main color in the interior, it will be out of the current living trends in 2020!

Wohntrends out 2020 Grau im Schlafzimmer keine dominierende Farbe mehr

  • In 2020, popular living trends are out – gray on gray is no longer trendy!

Have you heard that? Gray is the new black! Unfortunately, those times are over for good. Without a doubt, gray is a wonderful shade. It is neutral, can easily be combined with other shades of gray and fits perfectly into many interior design styles. For example, gray on gray was the most popular color scheme for the living room and bedroom last year. Gray and coral were also an excellent combination. But things will look different in 2020 – these color mixes are out! Gray is no longer the focus of color design, interior designers are simply moving away from it. In 2020, earthy tones will prevail in the interior and such cold colors as gray are neither in demand nor popular. In short, don’t use gray in your interior!

Gray on gray and a bit of snow-white in addition – that was in last year! Now this color combination no longer looks up-to-date.

Wohntrends out 2020 schickes Wohnzimmer Grau auf Grau Schneeweiß Wurfdecken Kissen interessante Beleuchtung

Earthy hues are on the rise, displacing the pale neutral nuances from the interior!

Wohntrends out 2020 Grau ist blass neutral deswegen weg erdige Farbtöne sind auf Vormarsch

  • Industrial designs are no longer part of the latest living trends of 2020

Any industrial style design has always been known for being cold, cool, and even a little impersonal. This style is more suitable for workplaces and offices than for private homes. In 2020, however, there will be a completely different interior design that feels warm and cozy. Therefore, the industrial style is out of the current living trends! This tendency is actually very gratifying for many of us, because we love the comfortable, cozy and atmospheric home that is warm to the touch.

Create a cozy ambience and don’t overdo it with elements in industrial style!

Wohntrends out 2020 keine Elemente in Industrial Style mehr lieber ein gemütliches Ambiente schaffen

Wohntrends out 2020 keine Elemente in Industrial Style

  • Accent walls are no longer in the interior in 2020!

We in our editorial team would never have thought that accent walls could actually be off! But this year they are out of the current living trends! For years they were very popular in interiors and attracted everyone’s attention because of their attractiveness. Now that’s changing! Regardless of whether you have an accent wall in a striking color at home, or have spiced it up with floral prints or fancy wallpaper, now you simply have to do without it! You no longer need accent walls in 2020! This statement might seem outrageous to some of you, but you will also need to adapt to the latest home trends. And of course change! Act boldly and find new daring solutions for your home that are part of the current living trends for 2020!

From January 2020, accent walls will definitely be out of the latest living trends!

Wohntrends out 2020 keine Akzentwände mehr gehören nicht zu den neuesten Tendenzen im Interieur

Flower prints attract too much attention!

Wohntrends out 2020 Blumenprints sind nicht mehr aktuell sie sind zu attraktiv

Granite worktops are no longer desirable in modern kitchens!

Wohntrends out 2020 Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Granit sind altmodisch gehen allmählich aus der Mode

  • Granite countertops in the kitchen are no longer trendy!

However, that’s half the story! Granite worktops in the kitchen retain their look and functions, which makes them indispensable in every kitchen anyway. They are undoubtedly a long-lasting option for this space and will blend seamlessly with all kitchen decorating styles. But … this year, granite is considered too predictable and too boring. So it is high time to replace it with other natural materials, such as quartz or marble. The last two, the mineral and the natural stone – are not only more durable and more resistant. Their maintenance and cleaning is easier, which is actually of great benefit to modern people. So, in 2020 we will say goodbye to granite and new composites or natural stones will conquer modern kitchen design.

How do you find these popular living trends that are going away in 2020 and out of the interior?

This kitchen is practical but looks a bit dated!

Wohntrends out 2020 praktische Küche Granit Arbeitsplatten altmodischer Look

Marble slabs belong in the modern kitchen and are in 2020!

Wohntrends out 2020 Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Marmor sind in

Strong contrasts and shiny surfaces are out of the living trends in 2020!

Wohntrends out 2020 starke Kontraste glänzende Oberfläche gehen weg

Wohntrends out 2020 starke Kontraste

Wohntrends out 2020 ideen

Wohntrends out 2020 starke Kontraste glänzende Oberfläche

Our popular kitchen mosaic wall will be called old fashioned in 2020!

Wohntrends out 2020 Mosaikwand in der Küche als altmodisch bezeichnet

Such designs are out in 2020!

Wohntrends out 2020 Mosaikwand in der Küche aus Holz altmodisch

Wohntrends out 2020 Grau

Wohntrends out 2020 starke Kontraste glänzende Oberfläche sind altmodisch

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