Porter Robinson Net Worth

Porter Robinson Net Worth – One of the Richest DJs in Electronic Dance Music

Among the many famous DJs around the world, Porter Robinson is one of the most successful. He has racked up number one singles, won awards, and has a massive fan base. Aside from the music industry, Porter has also taken a shine to the video gaming culture. Known for his ability to make music using a combination of electro, house, and dubstep, he is a performer who can be seen in major concerts and festivals throughout the world.

Porter Robinson’s net worth is currently estimated at $20 million. His primary sources of income are concerts and the sales of his albums. However, he has also been known to receive royalties from his repertoire, which has helped his overall fortune grow.

Despite his young age, Porter has already accumulated a sizable fortune. Having earned over $3 million in record sales and millions of dollars from his live shows, his total net worth has been rising exponentially. In fact, he is ranked as one of the richest people in the electronic dance music genre.

He has been awarded several accolades, including the Best Live Act award at the Electronic Music Awards. In the same year, his single Ghost Voices was nominated for the Best Dance Recording at the Grammy Awards. Also, his album Worlds reached number one on the US Dance chart.

As a member of the DJ community, Porter Robinson has performed at some of the most notable music festivals in the United States. These include Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, and the annual Winter Music Conference. Currently, he resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Porter Robinson has collaborated with some of the most notable names in the electronic dance music industry. For example, he has worked with Madeon and Dillon Francis on multiple projects. Moreover, he has teamed up with Zedd on his song “Clarity”.

In addition to his EDM hits, Porter has released a few other pieces of notable music. For instance, his song “Say My Name” reached the #1 spot on Beatport’s Electro House chart. Similarly, his album Nurture, which features sounds of healing, also ranks as a notable piece of music.

Although Porter’s net worth is not as large as some of his peers, he is definitely among the best in his niche. The most recent project, Spitfire, was a commercial success. It topped the iTunes dance charts and earned millions of downloads worldwide.

One of Porter’s most popular songs, Ghost Voices, has been nominated for the Best Dance Recording award at the Grammy Awards. Additionally, he has been featured on the top 100 lists by DJ Magazine. Despite his young age, Porter has achieved international success. With an ever-growing discography, Porter will continue to reap the rewards.

Regardless of his success, Porter Robinson remains an ardent animal lover. In the past, he has stated that he likes cats. Moreover, he has been seen playing with the leading Japanese video game developers. Besides, he has been a big fan of anime.

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