Prefer 30 low carb recipes and forget all about bread

Since the 50s and 60s, a topic has been topical again and again that has deeply moved millions of people around the world. It’s about a successful diet that keeps you healthy and sheds the pounds, feels good, is energetic and adventurous. But is there such a miracle cure or do we have to wait for years until it is finally invented by scientists and doctors? Unfortunately, a panacea has not yet been invented, or if it exists anywhere in the world, it has not yet been discovered. But the good news is that scientists are still working on it. Who knows, maybe in a few years it will be much easier for everyone to stay elegant and slim despite having enough food and to conquer new horizons. Let’s leave that to the future. What is of interest to us today and here are actually the modern low-carb nutrition plan and the low-carb recipes.

You can lose weight without going hungry, thanks to the great low carb recipes.

Low Carb Rezepte Hähnchen mit Fenchel

Eating low carb means reducing the carbohydrates in the menu significantly.

Low Carb Rezepte Tomaten Gurken Salat mit Kräutern

Diets and eating plans come and go. Over the past 20 years, the hot topic “being slim” had been on everyone’s lips and we had tried various methods of losing weight – from strict fasting to the Atkins or South Beach diet to the potato diet and raw vegetables. As it often happens in life, in every diet we discover something old that should actually be well known. So it is with the currently very popular low carb nutrition plan. This has been well known to people since the 19th century, and in the meantime it has come into strong competition with the ketogenic diet. However, this diet is not the focus of our attention today and we want to concentrate on the low carb nutrition plan and show you interesting and easy-to-follow low carb recipes. Stick with it and learn a little more about it.

Chicken Enchilade – a typical Mexican dish to add to your low carb diet.

Low Carb Rezepte Hähnchen Enchilada Schüssel

Buffalo chicken meatballs look delicious and taste even better

Chicken Enchilada typisch mexikanisches Gericht Low Carb Rezepte

  • What is characteristic of the low carb recipes?

The low carb diet is actually a low-carbohydrate eating plan that is supposed to help us get rid of extra weight more easily. With this nutrition plan, the consumption of carbohydrates is greatly reduced, but protein-containing and high-fat foods are almost unlimited. With such food, the body is forced to get energy from fats and proteins instead of carbohydrates. In a nutshell, the focus here is on a protein-based diet, not on reducing calories. The nutrition experts recommend that we consume low-carbohydrate food, especially in the evening, so that fat burning is not blocked overnight.

In our picture gallery you will find 30 low carb recipes, all of which are healthy and taste good. Some can even be prepared in 20 minutes. For more information click here!

Stuffed chicken breasts filled with spinach, eggs and cheese must be part of your low carb eating plan.

Hühnerbrust gefüllt mit Spinat und Käse Low Carb Rezepte

Delicious chicken breast filled with various types of vegetables

Fajita Roll ups mit Hühnerfleisch Low Carb Rezepte

  • Further advantages of the low carb recipes

Surely you are wondering whether the low carb dishes fill you up? Yes, of course, you have a healthy diet without carbohydrates and you can adapt your diet to your individual needs. Larger servings are allowed as long as they do not contain any carbohydrates. You are allowed to consume the following foods: meat, eggs, fish and seafood, milk and dairy products, vegetables. Fruits that are low in fructose such as berries, avocado, peaches, grapefruits, oranges and melons. However, other foods that contain carbohydrates should be taboo for you. These are the following: first bread, then rice, pasta. Potatoes. Oatmeal, candy, sugar and honey. It is better not to drink alcohol either.

Delicious canapes with bacon and cauliflower

Häppchen mit Speck und Blumenkohl Low Carb Rezepte

Low carb recipes with cauliflower are numerous, but always delicious!

Low Carb Rezepte Blumenkohl Erbsen als Kucken zubereitet

Soon you will be happy about your slim figure and feel perfectly healthy. In this way you face the world full of optimism. Our editors wish you the same.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap – here wrapped in lettuce leaves!

Buffalo Hähnchen in Salatblätter umwickelt Low Carb Rezepte

Asian Turkey Meatballs with Zucchini Spaghetti

Low Carb Rezepte Buffalo Hähnchen Wrap in Salatblättern umwickelt

Chicken with rosemary, lemon and fried broccoli

Low Carb Rezepte Hähnchen überbacken mit Zitrone und Rosmarin

You should never do without a hearty salad.

Low Carb Rezepte Hähnchen mit Rosmarin Zitrone gebratener Brokkoli

Meat canapes with broccoli and fresh salad

Fleischstücke mit Brokkoli und Salat etwas scharf im Geschmack Low Carb Rezepte

Lachs mit Pilzen und Paprika klein geschnitten Low Carb Rezepte

Low carb recipes salmon with honey and soy sauce, plus mushrooms and peppers.

Scharf süß im Geschmack Kartoffel Erdnüsse Pürree Low Carb Rezepte

scharf mit Knoblauch gegrilltes Hähnchen mit Avocado Cherry Salsa Low Carb Rezepte

Low Karb Rezepte Süßkartoffeln Kohl Frittata

Schweineflisch gegrillt mit Gurkensalat und Nüssen Low Carb Rezepte

Zucchini Scheiben mit Parmesan Käse Low Carb Rezepte

Hähnchen mit Balsamic und Spinat Salat Low Carb Rezepte

Low Carb Rezepte Eintopf mit Hühnerfleisch und Gemüse

Spieße mit Garnelen und Mango

Hähnchen mit grünen Bohnen Basilikum Orangen Low Carb Rezepte

Hähnchen mit grünen Bohnen Basilikum Orangen Low Carb

Lachs mit Ingwer Beigeschmack und Blumenkohl Low Carb Rezepte

Grüne Bohnen mit verschiedenen Pilzen Low Carb Rezepte

Low Carb Rezepte Kabeljau nach italienischer Art zubereitet

gegrillter Lachs mit Pfirsichen Low Carb Rezepte

Schrimp Mango Spieße mit Reis Basilikum Salat Low Carb Rezepte

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