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Printed curtains bring an individual touch to your rooms

Summer is coming soon with high temperatures and lots of sunshine. Now it is high time to think about a suitable window cladding and in this way ensure perfect privacy and glare protection. If you also want to protect your rooms from intense sunlight and prying eyes, then we can help you a lot with useful information and clever tips. In the following we show you possibilities that combine the practical and the aesthetic. This is about printed curtains and other creative alternatives for your window design. On the one hand, they protect your rooms from the strong sun, on the other hand, they inscribe themselves perfectly into the room design and express your personal taste and style. Printed curtains bring an individual note into the interior and make it more homely and inviting. You will soon find out exactly which options are available to you.

If you make the right choice, you will be well protected from the sun during the warmer months.

Printed curtains Photo sliding curtains Photo slats the best protection against privacy and glare

Can you imagine a better decorated window?

Bedruckte Vorhänge Foto Schiebegardinen Fotolamellen Wohnzimmer hervorragende Raumdekoration

  • Printed curtains & Co. are real all-rounders in the interior.

A photo motif on a curtain or self-designed photo slats make the difference. They add value to any interior by making it look individual. Their basic function is to serve as privacy and glare protection, but they can also be a decorative room element. In this regard, printed photo curtains, sliding curtains and photo slats are real all-rounders. They inscribe themselves perfectly in almost every room, regardless of whether it is a living room or bedroom or perhaps your home office or private doctor’s office. These can also be an interesting eye-catcher in the children’s room or decorate the kitchen window. Printed curtains are also used as room dividers in large offices. You can actually isolate and shield individual zones in any large-scale ambience. They can even be used outdoors, where they protect your seating area from prying eyes.

Everything in the nursery has to stimulate your little one’s imagination.

printed curtains for children's rooms,

Your office could look so romantic.

Printed curtains Photo curtains Photo slats Office look romantic

The outdoor area also looks cozier with photo curtains. This secluded outdoor seating area invites you to linger for a long time.

Bedruckte Vorhänge Foto Schiebegardinen Fotolamellen Outdoor Bereich Sitzecke im Freien gut abgesondert

  • Designing and printing photo curtains individually has never been so easy

If you want to bring a breath of fresh air into your four walls, you now have to think creatively and use your imagination. In addition, the new technologies help us a lot when it comes to modern window design. The heavy, opaque curtains that we all know well from grandma’s time are now a thing of the past. Printed photo curtains, photo curtains and photo slats are currently on the rise. They protect our rooms from direct sunlight and at the same time contribute a lot to the individual room design. The biggest plus point, however, is that you can configure them personally online. It has never been so easy, for example, to have a photo curtain printed. At La-melle.de you will find numerous options to configure your own photo curtain yourself. All you have to do is go online and enter the correct window dimensions. Then it continues with the choice of fabric. You can opt for a light, transparent and easy-care fabric or opt for an opaque fabric if you want to “darken” your room.

If you want to darken the room a little, then choose the right fabric and motif.

Bedruckte Vorhänge Foto Schiebegardinen Fotolamellen den Raum verdunkeln

Printed curtains Photo sliding curtains Photo slats Skylines darken the room

The next step is then the most important from an aesthetic point of view, but it might not be easy for you. When choosing a photo motif, you are definitely spoiled for choice, because you can choose from millions of templates to choose the right one for your interior. Everyone could feel a little overwhelmed. All motifs look excellent, for example there are beautiful landscapes, skylines, bridges, plants or animals.

Stylized flower motifs fit perfectly into modern room design.

Bedruckte Vorhänge Foto Schiebegardinen Fotolamellen stilisierte Blumenmotive modernes Raumdesign

Or would you rather prefer a motif in retro or shabby chic style, if it is better inscribed in your room design? Sports and art fans as well as travel enthusiasts get their money’s worth when choosing the most suitable motif, because online everyone is sure to find what expresses their hobbies and individuality well. In short, there are no limits to your creativity! And that’s by no means all! You can even have your logo printed and present your company in a creative way. Such curtains or photo slats are simply perfect for business and conference rooms.

You can find out what other advantages this type of privacy and glare protection has from the attached video:

Now you know exactly where to find the right partner for your individual room design. You can also search through the company’s picture gallery and you will definitely find what you are looking for! The Trendomat editorial team wishes you lots of fun and success when configuring your personal photo curtains, photo sliding curtains or slats!

Many doors are open to you when it comes to individually designed window protection. You and your patients will certainly be happy about this window protection and room decoration at the same time.

Bedruckte Vorhänge Foto Schiebegardinen Fotolamellen Arztpraxis individuelle Fenstergestaltung

The ugly view from the kitchen window can be cleverly covered.

Bedruckte Vorhänge Foto Schiebegardinen Fotolamellen Küchenfenster gestalten

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