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Prisoner Steve Earle

Steve works for Prison Journalism Project from San Quentin Prison in California. His writing has been featured in San Francisco Public Press and Street Spirit publications.

His defense team maintains his innocence.

George Markstein suggested The Village to McGoohan while working on Danger Man. His inspiration came from Portmeirion, a resort village in Wales.

Early Life and Education

Earle was raised in Virginia where his father served as an air traffic controller, where he gained a deep appreciation of folk music and Texas lifestyle, which eventually contributed to him creating his unique vocal style with its distinct gravelly tone.

Moving to Nashville to pursue music professionally, his debut album Transcendental Blues featured rock, country and Irish folk elements.

On June 21st 2018, Earle was moved from a maximum-security prison to Fox Lake Correctional Institution where inmates have access to vocational programs at the request of his attorneys. It is a medium security prison in which only six percent of inmates are serving life sentences – this move will allow Earle time to appeal his conviction further.

Professional Career

Steven was an ideal company man, dedicating his career to commercial bakery. Working hard and earning a great reputation helped him advance at Sara Lee (now Hillshire Brands). Over time he eventually achieved promotion into IT contracts management for both hardware and professional services contracts.

Though successful, despite his success he struggled to cope with both work and family stressors. When his anger would build up too much he would act out violently against someone and end up going to prison himself.

Achievement and Honors

Steve serves on the Phoenixville Democratic Committee and Girls First (formerly St Augustine Academy). Additionally, he sits on the Chester County Prothonotary Electoral District board and belongs to Friends Association of Wentworth.

Viewers were first exposed to Wentworth Detention Centre through early episodes that featured high levels of violence; Lynn Warner burned her hand in a laundry steam press, Karen Travers stabbed her abusive husband and in a flashback sequence, Meg Morris was brutally murdered by Franky Doyle from her cell.

Prisoner enjoyed widespread popularity and attracted a strong cult following. It spawned a stage version, touring throughout Britain in 1989 with Elspeth Ballantyne and Patsy King reprising their roles while Glenda Linscott and Jacqui Gordon played brand new ones; eventually being released on DVD both there and here in Australia/UK.

Personal Life

Steve writes in his journal entry that he is beginning to view himself no differently from other prisoners at Wentworth and that being among them makes it hard for him to think of himself as an honest individual. Additionally, he recalls having had a dream wherein he attempted to ask questions in courtroom but no one heard him.

O’Brien informed Steve during the trial that no evidence substantiates his innocence and cautioned jurors to remember they will live with their decision for years; 11 years had already passed since it started and victims’ families are still waiting for justice, should their verdict stand.

Net Worth

Once he had been released from prison, Steve Madden Company resumed operations with renewed energy. Under his direction, footwear sales soared, leading it to win numerous FN Achievement Awards – also known as “the shoes Oscars.” Today, this business generates over $59 Million each year.

He became widely-renowned through his Jackass movies, in which he performs daring yet often morally questionable stunts and pranks. His net worth currently sits at approximately $4 Million. Additionally, he has amassed around 650,000 subscribers to YouTube as well as numerous books published. Famous for his strong body – once even bending a metal cell door without using tools – and adept martial artistry skills; hobbies include jogging, swimming and basketball, plus spending time with family.

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