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Privacy and sun protection – safety and comfort in the office and at home

We all know the situation – when we work on the PC, the sun sometimes not only shines directly into the room, but also blinds us and totally distracts us from our work. Or the incidence of sunlight on the screen totally blocks our creativity. To put it modestly, this is very uncomfortable and, unfortunately, could have dire consequences. But one thing is clear in such situations: in order to avoid glare and reflections at the computer workstation, we need good privacy and sun protection! This might sound a bit confusing to many readers now, but the truth is, it’s pretty straightforward. The solution is called film blinds, which ensure the best protection from the sun and glare at work and at home and maintain a pleasant room climate. Their function is based on the mirror effect. The window foils have an aluminum-coated exterior and are mounted on window panes so that the sun’s rays hit this reflective surface directly. The solar energy is reflected back into the open by the aluminum layer, so the room cannot heat up. This means that there is no additional heating in the room, so the room temperature remains pleasant. In this way, you can save a lot of energy in summer as well as in winter and not spend money in vain. Because every investment in sun and glare protection systems pays off many times over in a few years.

1-film blinds

Do not let the strong sun disturb you at work and choose high-quality film blinds!

2-film blinds

Protect yourself from the sun’s rays and stay creative in your work!

If you want high-quality glare protection for your office or home office, then you’ve come to the right place! We could give you a good tip on the way. Because there are film blinds that guarantee an enormous degree of reflection and, at the same time, the best heat protection. Hopefully you don’t think at the moment that the room will certainly be darkened, do you? If these thoughts are floating around in your head, then you are completely wrong! The rooms are only protected from glare and sun, they are not heated up and you can enjoy the best room climate for working or sleeping! In addition to the advantages already mentioned, the STM film roller blinds offer you a good view of the outside so that your view out is not restricted at all. On the contrary, your view of the outside is simply perfect! And if you have any questions or doubts, the company’s specialists will be happy to help and advise you. At this company, specialist advice is always a top priority, so don’t doubt, just give us a call and contact the specialists for sun and glare protection directly! You will be really surprised by their extensive customer service! You don’t need to worry about using your film blinds either, because the experts take care of that again. From the development of your idea to the assembly of the film blinds, you can rely completely on your help and good, practical advice. Their motto is: Well maintained guarantees a long service life! According to this slogan, they ensure the best possible maintenance of every sun and glare protection system, because this is where the key to a long service life lies.

3-film blinds

It’s embarrassing when your home furnishings and favorite items fade.

5-film blinds

Foil roller blinds are the perfect sun protection for large offices.

But don’t think that you only have one option for sun and glare protection! There are many other alternatives for sun and privacy protection at home or at work. The range is really diverse and huge. Awnings, blinds, shutters, window blinds and pleated blinds are still available to choose from. We just want to name a few here, otherwise you can decide for yourself what works best in your specific case.
We wish you a pleasant time at home and ingenuity while working on the computer! Don’t let the bright sun bother you! You can always rely on top quality sun and glare protection!

7-film blinds

The view is in no way deteriorated

8-film blinds

Enjoy the sunset by the pool!

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