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Professional basement waterproofing extends the life of your property and helps you to stay healthy

Do you have damp walls or even mold in the basement? In addition to that, salt efflorescence and cracks in the masonry, perhaps? Then you have a serious problem and you need to act quickly. Because these processes endanger the structure of your house and have a negative effect on thermal insulation. In addition, it will worsen your indoor climate and you could face various health problems. But should you risk your health in this case? No, definitely not. There is an inexpensive way to prevent all of this by opting for basement waterproofing. You will definitely increase the lifespan of your property on the one hand and improve your quality of life on the other. But what you should know about professional basement waterproofing and building waterproofing, we’ll tell you below.

With a professional basement waterproofing you can get additional living space in your own house.

Kellerabdichtung professionelle Ausführung zusätzlichen Wohnraum erhalten

Why should you ensure dry conditions immediately if there is mold in the basement?

Any serious problem requires serious action to be taken immediately. We assume that cellars are not used exclusively as storage rooms these days. In most cases, they are turned into cozy living spaces. It is therefore of paramount importance that there are healthy conditions there. Precisely for this reason, you have to act immediately in the event of dampness and mold growth in the basement in order to remove them successfully. The basement is known to be the foundation of every house. If negative phenomena and problems arise there, they can quickly spread upwards. On the one hand, mold can cause certain types of damage to the building fabric that cannot be seen at first glance. However, if these are not removed in good time, they can lead to a deterioration in the masonry and, logically, to a worse living environment. In the long term, mold and moisture in the basement have a very negative effect on the condition of the house and, accordingly, on its selling price.

The good basement waterproofing leads to dry conditions in the room.

Kellerabdichtung professionelle Ausführung führt zu trockenen Verhältnissen im Raum

On the other hand, the air quality in the room is badly deteriorated and the bad air makes the residents sick. Spores and fungi develop easily and quickly in mold. These are tiny, but can strain the resident’s airways and lead to an increased risk of allergies, asthma and other diseases. The mold secretes toxins which, in high concentrations in the body, lead to chronic diseases. Children, adolescents and the elderly who have an already weakened immune system are particularly at risk in this regard. Anyone who cares for their own health and that of their loved ones must seek help immediately and remove it if there is mold. Because dry conditions in the basement primarily mean a healthy indoor climate there. In this way, you are doing something good not only for your property, but also for the health of your family members at the same time.

Basement waterproofing is necessary in many houses

Kellerabdichtung ein Wirrwarr im Keller der Raum wird abgedichtet

In this way you can prevent the negative consequences of mold growth and moisture in the basement.

Kellerabdichtung Vertikalabdichtung negative Folgen vom Schimmelbefall und Feuchtigkeit im Keller vorbeugen

Common methods of basement waterproofing and building waterproofing

Depending on the moisture damage, the basement waterproofing specialists will be able to choose and suggest the best method for eliminating problems in the basement. However, so that you can make an informed decision in the event of mold growth and moisture problems in the basement, we would also like to summarize the common methods of basement waterproofing for you and briefly describe them below.

  • Vertical sealing from outside or inside: The cellar walls that have already been damaged can be sealed from the outside as well as from the inside. With vertical sealing, damage to the masonry is removed. This ensures dry conditions in the basement and a better and healthier room climate. High-quality materials are used for this, such as mineral sealing slurries, cold self-adhesive sealing sheets or bitumen thick coatings.

Innovative sealing technologies are environmentally friendly, highly efficient and effective in the long term

Kellerabdichtung Vertikalabdichtung von außen innovative Technologie langfristig wirksam

The structural waterproofing is also very important.

Kellerabdichtung Bauwerksabdichtung draußen Arbeiter wichtige Leistung

  • Horizontal barriers: While horizontal barriers are a must in new buildings, they are absent in most old buildings. There are also buildings where the horizontal barriers have been damaged over time. Injections, sheet metal or bitumen sheets make every wall waterproof and put an end to the spread of moisture.

  • Concrete waterproofing: If you have cracks and voids on the cellar walls, then you should opt for concrete waterproofing. This method uses innovative waterproofing technologies that lead to a successful renovation. This way the life of your property will be extended significantly.

Create a good and healthy indoor climate in the basement!

Kellerabdichtung im Keller ein gesundes Raumklima schaffen

House owners who use the basement as living space should act immediately in the event of mold and moisture there and take appropriate measures. Without a doubt, a professional basement waterproofing is the best solution in this case. You can find a competent partner at NAPA Construction. You can fully rely on the professional expertise of the experts and receive advice without any hesitation. So that the specialists can find out the causes of the moisture in the basement, they carry out a professional masonry diagnosis. With their know-how, modern equipment and high-quality materials, they can work wonders. As a homeowner, you get the best possible solution for your basement waterproofing, with little effort and at an affordable price. So you can make an informed decision. Soon nothing stands in the way of your wish to use the perfectly sealed basement as living space!

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