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Pruning roses and caring for them properly – what else should you know about them?

Because of their natural beauty, which is considered indescribable, the delicate but saturated colors and the bewitching scent, roses are known as the most noble flowers in the world. The rose has been nicknamed the “Queen of Flowers” ​​since ancient times, and with good reason, because it has no competition when it comes to natural beauty. But it has to be properly cared for so that every year from the end of May it presents us with its beautifully shaped and wonderfully fragrant flowers. An important part of rose care is also the annual pruning. If you want to decorate your garden with a few rose bushes or look after roses in pots, you can benefit from the following care tips. These are very specific and can be seen as the basic rules of rose care. Then we move on to the topic of cutting roses, because the right pruning leads to blooming. Stay tuned to find out more!

Rosen richtig pflegen

Red roses delight the eyes and soul and decorate the garden.

  • Caring for roses properly – what should you pay attention to in any case?

Care tip # 1: Before you plant your rose cuttings, you need to find the right location for them in the garden. It is well known that roses love the sun, so you need to choose a sunny and airy location for these natural beauties. It needs to be in full sun 5-6 hours a day, but partial shade is also well tolerated. The roses prefer a loamy and humus-rich soil that can be easily loosened.

Rosen pflegen

Every gardening lover wishes for such a splendor of flowers!

Care tip # 2: Water the roses once or twice a week, but be careful when watering: do not water directly on the leaves and preferably early in the morning. Please never water during strong solar radiation, then the rose petals will burn. Enrich the soil with rose fertilizers so that the roses get enough nutrients. The experts recommend using organic and mineral fertilizers specifically for roses, in March / April and then after the first flowering in June / July. So your plant can continue to bloom vigorously.

Jeder Gartenfreund wünscht sich so eine Blütenpracht

Remove dead flowers regularly.

Care tips # 3: Take care of the leaf health of the roses in summer. These adorable flowers are easily susceptible to disease. Leaf fungi such as rose rust, powdery mildew or star soot develop on their leaves and destroy the foliage. To avoid that, you need to properly water and fertilize the roses.

Entfernen Sie regelmäßig verwelkte Blüten.

Cutting roses – this is usually done in late winter!

  • Cutting roses – when and how do you do it?

In principle, a lot is written about the fact that you should definitely cut the roses. This naturally raises the question, why is it so important to cut back? We have the answer ready for you. First, the best time to cut roses is the last week of winter, or early spring at the latest. You can do a lot of positive things with it. On the one hand, the plant is rejuvenated in this way and its growth is stimulated. On the other hand, you provide the roses with plenty of free space so that they can freely develop new shoots. As is known, old, frozen, damaged shoots are cut. So the flower can continue to grow healthily. When it comes to pruning roses, it all comes down to the right approach. The professionals always cut the roses over an outwardly growing eye. Strong and healthy shoots are cut back to a length of 15-25 cm above the ground. Old, lignified or weak branches are removed.

Pflege von Rosen

Weak branches are severely pruned.

After pruning, you will have to wait 4 to 6 weeks for new shoots to grow. These then develop quickly and you will soon have beautiful and fragrant flowers. The attached video clearly shows how to cut roses:

Ältere Frau Rosen pflegen Rosen schneiden im Garten

A rose cut is also possible in summer.

Ein Rosenschnitt ist auch im Sommer möglich.

Then the rose sprouts again and presents you with new blooms.

Follow the care tips and instructions for pruning roses described here and look forward to beautiful rose blossoms and their unmistakable aroma all summer long. The Trendomat editorial team wishes you that!

Rote Rosen im Garten schneiden

Remember, roses have thorns!

Rosen pflegen Tipps

Rosen pflegen im Somme

Rosen pflegen Gartentipps

Gartenarbeit Rosen pflegen

rosa Blüten im Garten Rosenschere Rosen schneiden

junges Mödchen Rosen schneiden im Garten

Rosa Rosen im Garten Rosen richtig pflegen Rosen schneiden

Schöne Rosen im Garten Rosen richtig pflegen Rosen schneiden

Rosen schneiden Rosenschere auf Holzuntergrund

rosa Rosen schneiden draußen im Garten

Rosen schneiden richtig pflegen Rosenschere

Rosen schneiden richtig pflegen im Garten Gartenarbeit

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