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Pumpkin designs and decoration ideas for Halloween

The horror festival is getting closer and closer. Many of our readers must be looking forward to it; some are trying not to think precisely of something terrifying. But regardless of whether you are a supporter or an opponent of Halloween, the festival is becoming more and more popular in Germany every year. That is why we want to present you with great ideas today on how you can decorate your home according to Halloween and bring a certain festive atmosphere into the house. If you follow today’s tips, you can create a very subtle and cheerful Halloween decoration at home. The Trendomat editorial team wishes you a lot of fun and success!

Dark pink pumpkin with a flower sash – super cool idea!


Great eye-catcher in the ambience – pink pumpkin with a sash of flowers in all shades of red! This decoration is definitely worth a look!

This is definitely a great idea! You don’t see such a beautifully decorated pumpkin with flowers and a sash every day! To achieve this look, all you need to do is drill small holes in the bark, then insert the flower stems into the holes. And an insider tip from us: To keep the flowers fresh longer, you can regularly spray them with water.

Charming look with lace ribbon


Black lace ribbon decorates pumpkins, candle holders, and even wine glasses

Very light or even white pumpkins can be decorated using this handicraft method. All you need is a ribbon of silk, dark gray or black if possible, and then attach it to pumpkins, candle holders or even wine glasses with a little glue. Let the glue dry, then proudly flaunt your Halloween creations! Yes, well done!

Paint pumpkins brightly and make them look like brightly colored balloons


Paint pumpkins in shades of pink and make them look like happy balloons

So that you can introduce cheerful colors into your Halloween decoration, we recommend that you imitate this easy-to-implement DIY idea. To do this, you can paint the pumpkins in bright, fun colors and make them look like brightly colored balloons!

Bats are flying around!

halloween decoration

Bats don’t look particularly scary when flying around the pumpkin

The bats simply belong to every Halloween decoration. You can make these yourself from a black satin ribbon. First cut the fabric into small pieces and tie a loose knot in the middle, then cut the ends so that the wings resemble bats. You can then attach this great Halloween ornament to the pumpkins with pins.

Carnival masks get a new function


Your carnival masks get a new function and spice up the pumpkins for Halloween

You can now also use your carnival masks for Mardi Gras. But go for feathered masks and go a step further: cut holes for eyes and combine them with candlelight for an eerie effect. Yes, it’s Halloween!

Beautifully carved pumpkin for your Halloween decoration at home


Carve a pumpkin so beautifully and flaunt it!

Pumpkins can be decorated in a thousand ways, even hollowed out and carved. You can achieve this pretty design by patiently carving with a linoleum cutter.

Happy arrangement with autumn flowers and pumpkins

halloween decoration curbs

The Halloween decoration can also be so stylish, happy and inspiring!

This beautiful arrangement is very easy to implement. For this you need a large pumpkin that serves as a flower vase, wonderful autumn flowers that impress with their colors and two three small pumpkins in a rich orange! Your Halloween decoration can be so beautiful and wonderful!

Pumpkins as candle holders

halloween decor ideas

A great idea for all craft fans

This is also an interesting idea for all creative craft enthusiasts! Pumpkins have a new function here, they serve as candle holders! Decorate them with ivy tendrils and emphasize the natural look!

Pumpkins like masked gangsters

curb gangster

The masked gangsters don’t look particularly terrifying, do they?

Your Jack O ‘Lanterns can look even spookier after you make them look like gangsters with black masks. This decoration idea is easy and also suitable for beginners, but it has a strong effect! Because without the Jack O ‘lanterns nobody could imagine the horror festival today. And you?

cool halloween curbs

It could get really scary!


You can make great Halloween creations out of pumpkins

orange halloween ideas

Orange always puts us in a good and funny mood


So wonderful, so beautiful!

Halloween pumpkin

A great idea: pair brightly painted pumpkins with Halloween treats


Green is the color trend this fall! Make sure you try to integrate green into your Halloween decoration!

ideas halloween curbs

With attention to detail!

halloween party

Black cats welcome you to the Halloween party!


You can then carve hollowed-out pumpkins into grimaces


Decorating or snacking on pumpkins?


Trick or treat!

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