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Pumpkins – delicate colors and lots of enjoyment

Pumpkins are not just a culinary delight. Many houses and gardens are decorated with them in autumn, because they are particularly decorative and varied in their shapes and colors. In October, before the Halloween festival, they trigger a true decoration fever again and again. The orange pumpkins light up in front of every front door and every window and we all get in the mood for autumn.


The green tones and light cream colors of some pumpkin varieties now give the usually autumn-orange-red theme a whole new twist. Combined with white or pastel-colored vessels and home accessories, elegant arrangements can be created in no time at all, which also go well with elegant living styles and which you will also like when orange is not one of your favorite colors.


By the way, from a botanical point of view, pumpkins are a berry fruit, which, given the size and weight of some pumpkins, which are over 20 kilograms, seems almost ridiculous, but it is true nonetheless. They can be used to conjure up all sorts of delicious soups and dishes that are very healthy and even give rise to a small celebration: for example, to try out new, imaginative decoration ideas for Halloween with friends and family.

When designing with pumpkins, you can draw on the full. A wicker basket offers enough space for all sizes and shapes. If you paint it white, the autumn colors will appear more subtle. If you want to hollow out and carve the pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, you could cut them much more easily and precisely with metal baking tins instead of a knife. Asterisks look wonderful, but if you like it more romantic, you could of course use the heart shapes to cut out. Such pumpkin lanterns are ideal for any romantic dinner.

Pumpkins also offer a natural alternative to flower vases. You can drill a small opening into the pumpkin with a knife, fill it with a little water and arrange individual flowers in it. This creates a wonderful table decoration or a nice souvenir with ease.

As you have already read, pumpkins are not only delicious and healthy, but also beautiful and imaginative as a decoration, because they can be fantastically combined with other natural materials such as leaves, berries or twigs. That is why we have collected some beautiful pictures for you to inspire you to decorate your home with the countless colors and idiosyncratic shapes of pumpkins. Have lots of fun with it!










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