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Pure bohemian

The most charming of all furnishing and clothing styles could be described as a colorful mixture of joie de vivre, artistic creativity and stylish nonchalance. Inspired by various cultural trends such as hippie fashion, ethnic look and rock style, the boho chic looks cheeky and informal.

This individuality is carried over into the decor as the eye-catching shabby chic style. Magnificent home accessories with a vintage look, colorful textiles and extravagant boho furniture with signs of wear create a great, homely atmosphere.

The cosiness serves as the basis of the Boho style, which is why the emphasis is on comfortable pieces of furniture with round shapes, such as casual poufs. Colorful, luxurious home textiles decorate the furniture with great patterns and applications.

Shabby-chic-furniture-boho-style-furnishing-style-wood-coffee-table-side table

Shabby chic furniture in boho style

We mostly see natural wood as the material, followed by glass and metal. Jute, linen and cotton are cleverly integrated into the interior. This style may appear rustic and exotic!

Shabby-chic-furniture-boho-style furnishing style chest of drawers

Shabby chic furniture and boho style ideas

Shabby-chic-furniture-boho-style dresser-shelves-showcase

The color palette in Boho Chic is dominated by warm tones such as beige, khaki, olive green and brown. Home textiles in delicate gold, silver, light blue and pink can be wonderfully combined with it. However, these great combinations shouldn’t be too colorful, otherwise we’re talking about the hippie style.

Diversity in the interior boho shabby chic beige pink yellow

Diversity in the interior -Boho Shabby Chic

In the charming design of the interior, preference is often given to items with small flaws. Finds from the flea market, antique or second-hand shops find their place in Boho style. This brings natural flair into the home design, which is further emphasized by eclectic decorative items.

Plants for a natural look-Boho Style Shabby Chic Dresser Furniture

Plants give the old chest of drawers a natural look

Old fashioned dressing table boho furniture patchwork delicate bedroom

Old-fashioned dressing table – ubiquitous boho furniture

This impressive furnishing style is first and foremost subject to your personal taste! If you want a feminine, friendly and colorful room design, you are right with the Boho Style!

Signs of wear and lots of charm-Boho Style closet pink

Signs of wear and lots of charm

Solid wood table and white chairs-boho style feminine textiles

Solid wood table and white chairs in boho style

Light living room natural tones shabby chic furniture

Bright living room with shabby chic furniture

Cosiness in light blue and beige shabby chic rustic feminine home accessories

Coziness in light blue and beige in shabby chic

Sideboard in antique white shabby chic furniture antique finish rattan baskets

The sideboard in antique white in shabby chic is complemented by rattan baskets with an antique finish

shabby chic furniture boho style macrame bedroom

Shabby chic furniture – macrame in the bedroom

shabby-chic-furniture-boho-style-interior-style-ethno-pillows bedroom

Ethnic pillows complete the bedroom look

shabby-chic-furniture-boho-style-interior-style-vintage furniture and accessories

Vintage furniture and accessories


Modern interiors in boho style

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