Pure romance – set up a cozy living room on the roof

A few creative ideas and practical tips on how to transform your attic into an oasis of wellbeing

wise-corner-sofa-dream-living room

A dream living room on the roof – bright, sunny and full of romance


Artistic room design with fresh houseplant as a green accent

You certainly have an attic where you only store old and unusable things, don’t you? But you probably want to change this room and use the space more sensibly and are currently looking for creative ideas of what you could do with a spacious attic room. We are there for you and are happy to help you with a few great ideas and practical tips on how to breathe a whole new life into your hitherto neglected attic. Better said, give it new functions! Because millions of people worldwide suffer from a lack of living space, especially in the big cities, and are therefore trying to redesign every space in order to be able to use it better. Today we want to show you that you are actually faced with endless options in this endeavor. Yes, really! But are you ready for some heavy hours of scrubbing and repainting? Plan smart first, then act creatively with furniture choices and placement and you can convert your attic into just about anything.

design-innovative-ideas-living room

Your old and so far neglected attic room can get a new look

living room attic

Create a romantic oasis of well-being in the attic

In keeping with contemporary trends in interior architecture and design, the attic can be transformed into a cozy and very romantic space where friends and family can spend time together and have fun together. Living in the attic has many advantages, one of which is of course the fact that your privacy is well protected. And that’s priceless! On the other hand, the large open space allows many design options. And the abundance of daylight puts the right furniture in the limelight, so that you can actually create any interior you want, which is adapted to the everyday habits and the aesthetic taste of the residents.

top floor white window

Everyone would spend a lot of time here, right?

skylight living room carpet sofa

Live on the roof? Yes, that sounds really tempting!

What can you have in the attic?

It could be a great retreat for a young family. In this case, you need a comfortable sofa, a small table and a couple of poufs, and you can complement this rather minimalist furnishing with a soft carpet and suitable lighting.

attic living room

An attic living room absolutely suitable for a young couple


A soft carpet and the right lighting give the room the finishing touch

Or it could be a typical men’s room, furnished in a minimalist style with furniture with clear lines and shapes and an almost strict design.


A typical men’s room furnished in a minimalist style

sloping roof white

A romantic retreat

It can be a cozy corner for an older couple, where you can relax, read a book or watch your favorite show on TV without being disturbed. A meeting place for young people could also be created on the roof, where you can invite friends over for a drink or organize small parties.

roof-living room ideas

The attic is the perfect space for artistically gifted people

The attic offers the excellent opportunity to actually design a second living room there and furnish it romantically and stylishly. Many would take this opportunity to have an additional space where they can present their creative design ideas.

So, open the roof and use the skylight or admire the sky stars in the evening! Create a wonderful, romantic place to relax and feel good!

Take a look at our other picture examples and draw new inspiration for designing your own living room in the attic!

dream room

A dream room to fall in love with!


An attic can be so stylish and aesthetically designed!

living room interior wooden beams

The open space allows various design options

home library

A house library on the roof? Yes, that’s a great idea!


Bright and Inviting!

minimalism-and-romance living area

Minimalism and romance go hand in hand

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