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Purple wall colors and their various modern nuances

If there is one color that could cause a generation controversy, it would be purple. The color has a splendid history, which includes representative functions in noble courts. It can be wonderfully combined with other colors because it contains the universal shades of red and blue. In line with the character of these, the purple color can look cool and relaxed, or warming up, depending on the combination.

Do we want to look at some of the most beautiful shades of purple wall paint together? They open up whole new worlds for us and we all draw inspiration from the most diverse sources of nature and modern life! Join us on this wonderful purple journey!

Wall color plum blue

plum blue wall colors

Plum blue is a special shade between blue and purple

The plums show one of the most beautiful variants of purple in nature. They move completely between blue and red, but still retain their cool mystique.


amethyst wall paints

Pure sophistication in the living room with wonderful purple walls

Purple has long symbolized much more than noble life. There is something evocative and supernatural about color. Purple stands for deep spirituality and magic in the consciousness of many people. This is particularly evident with some gemstones, such as the amethyst.


blackberry wall paints

A room wall in this blackberry nuance has a delightful effect

The blackberry nuance is a particularly rare purple color that occurs in nature. If you choose these for your interior design, you can be sure of an absolutely original furnishing.


grape wall paints

This purple shade, related to the grape red, creates a sublime look

The grapes can also serve as inspiration for your purple wall paint. Choose these if you absolutely want to make your interior design look classy and luxurious.


eggplant wall colors

Eggplant purple looks overwhelming, doesn’t it?

The purple wall paint can also look like that of the eggplant. Through the very dark, almost black nuances it contains, it introduces us to the world of the intellectual.

Purple mist


An accent wall in this shade of purple simply steals the show in the room

The cool winter days are on the one hand uncomfortable, but at the same time you secure some of the most beautiful views one can imagine in the sky. This is often enveloped in a purple mist. You can choose exactly this color for your wall design.

Lilac blue

lilac blue wall colors

The most tender purple is called lilac blue

This is probably the most tender and gentle variant of the purple wall paint. Combine with light nuances so that there is no overly sterile atmosphere in the ambience.

Mauve color

mauve wall colors

The mauve color comes out well in this immaculate setting

This purple color is very close to gray. She is cool, reserved and adaptable. But since this color is very dark, it must be combined with light nuances. In this way you achieve a more lively room design and the character of the mauve color comes into its own better.


evergreen wall colors

Evergreen is close to purple

Periwinkle is also a shade of purple that’s at the very edge of the palette of shades of purple.

Evergreen can neither be called light nor dark. This color has both the ability to serve as a background and it can stand out as an accent.


violet wall colors

Enchantingly beautiful or purple?

Violet combines the stimulating effect of red with the calming effect of blue. The execution of the rooms in purple changes very strongly depending on the base color which is used.

Lavender blue

lavender blue wall colors

Lavender blue radiates calm and harmony

You can go for this type of purple wall paint if you want something very close to blue. In this way you create a calming and at the same time very mystical effect. Lavender blue is very suitable for artistic design and the application of interesting shapes.


mulberry wall colors

How does this color affect you? Hopefully positive!

It’s a wall paint that has a very strong psychological effect. You must therefore use them with extreme caution. First, experiment with the effect this shade has on your senses and mind. When it influences you in a positive way, you feel calm, sensitized, wide awake and completely creative.


orchid wall paints

The purple orchid is so beautiful and the same shade is often used as an accent color in the interior

This purple flower is loved by many people. It looks very fragile on the one hand, but is actually quite sturdy. Orchid has many different shades, ranging from very light to dark. The first type can be paired wonderfully with sharp lines and geometric shapes.


magenta wall colors

Magenta looks really good on the wall

The reddish shades of the purple palette are also great choices for wall paint. They attract more visual attention than the blue variants. Thanks to magenta red, they create a friendly, inviting and magnetic ambience.


purple-red wall colors

Purple is my favorite color. Yours too?

This kind of purple is not very far from the gamma of X-rays. Although it can be grasped with our eyes, it is at the same time associated with it, which cannot be grasped with our senses. This association can be observed very strongly with purple-red in particular. This gives the ambience a kind of extraterrestrial character.

Indigo blue

indigo blue wall colors

Indigo blue immediately conquers the eye and the senses

Indigo blue gives the interior a luxury character if it is used skillfully. This works especially well when it is well lit and paired with tastefully selected accessories.

Use metal accents and bet on the beauty of the wood grain.

Sapphire blue

sapphire blue wall colors

Glitter and sapphire blue for a sublime look

Here the beauty of sapphire blue is paired with wood nuances. It comes into its own thanks to good lighting. Combined with white and other light shades, a very harmonious balance is achieved.

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