Quad vacation: With the quad in the Alps

Quad vacation: With the quad in the Alps

The Pabst couple went on vacation with the quad in the Alps again. After Bardoneccia in 2015 and the Ligurian GKS in 2016, this year it was the mountains of the Carnic Alps (Eastern Alps) that called them to Friuli, an autonomous region in the extreme north-east of Italy, more precisely to the passes around the Lago the Sauris. The aim of Michel and Martina Pabst’s 10-day stay was to travel to as many unpaved Alpine passes as possible from one location. As a starting point, the couple chose the 3-star Hotel Riglarhaus in Lateis, which turned out to be a very good choice: room, food, service, location – everything was perfect. First of all: “Every day we went on an unforgettably impressive tour, after that we had a sauna, beer or wine and very good food on the plan,” says Michael, describing everyday life.

With the quad in the Alps: passes tours

With the quad in the Alps: very impressedThe day tours were between 60 and 100 kilometers long, led over different passes and routes and left nothing to be desired in terms of driving skills, landscape and views. “In terms of altitude, we moved slightly below 2,000 m, but the With the quad in the Alps: the turquoise water of Lago di Sauris The variety of paths and views was unique,” ​​enthuses Michael, impressed. They found the Panoramica delle Vette, a 29 km long Alpine ridge road, the Zuofplan, a 1,999 m high mountain, the Forcella Lavardet and the Forcella Ielma, two passes that are fantastic in every respect, to be formative. The Lago di Sauris with its high dam and the turquoise blue water also impressed and fascinated the two during a tour. The fact that many residents, for historical reasons, speak German also gave Michael and Martina an insight into the culture and everyday life in the region.

travel tips

With the quad in the Alps: unpaved alpine passesFor the planning and preparation of the tour, the Denzel and 1:25,000 maps were valuable and necessary helpers. Alone on the road, thanks to the Parthen Powersports team, who look after their 1000cc Can-Am Outlander MAX, the two had no technical problems, but considering the alpine paths, they occasionally had a queasy feeling at the thought of a technical defect. That’s why Michael recommends traveling with at least two machines. “Anyone who loves to travel in the mountains with an ATV should have been in this region. And if the person also values ​​high-quality accommodation and food, then they should book a room in the Riglarhaus.” Michael Pabst

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