Quadcenter Lehmann has moved: Fuchshain

The Quadcenter Lehmann has moved. “We have been in Fuchshain, Am Ring 2, 13 kilometers south of Leipzig since October 2016,” says Sven Lehmann from Quadcenter Lehmann. Newly furnished, it is rented, sold and repaired here at the new location. In addition to large ATVs and quads, customers also bring children’s quads. The brands Access, Aeon, Adly, Beeline, Herkules and Online as well as Roller and Sagways are currently being sold.

Quadcenter Lehmann has moved: tours and courses

Quadcenter Lehmann has moved: and offers a wide range of toursAt the Quadcenter Lehmann, people like touring, both with Sagways and with ATVs and quads. New in the ATV and quad area is the VIP tour for a maximum of 4 vehicles for individual fun without group pressure. With a personal guide, the Quadcenter Lehmann has moved: on the move without peer pressureExplored the landscape in the Muldental and drove on and then off-road again. From a price of 99 euros you are part of the party. Also on offer are an off-road tour, the large Muldental tour as well as a picnic tour for 2 people and a gourmet tour. Combination packages with canoeing or wedding trips can also be arranged. And there is also a separate party location on site for company events, bachelor parties and large events for up to 60 people. If you want to spice up an event, Sven is also happy to provide a children’s quad course – this is done at village festivals and club celebrations, for example. chk

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