Quadcenter Lehmann: Quads and quad tours in Leipzig

Quads and quad tours in Leipzig Quads and quad tours in Leipzig: The Quadcenter Lehmann is an authorized dealer of Access, Adly / Herkules, Aeon, Online and TGBcan be bought and booked at the Quadcenter Lehmann. Sven Lehmann offers a wide range of tours that appeal to both beginners and off-road enthusiasts alike. You also have the choice of vehicle types, because the tours can be undertaken either by ATV, quad or buggy. In his shop in downtown Leipzig, Sven carries the Access, Adly / Herkules, Aeon, Online and TGB brands.

Quads and quad tours in Leipzig: by quad, ATV and buggy

Sven started quad biking 10 years ago in Canada. “People ride quads there, like we do on bicycles,” explains Sven. Quads and quad tours in Leipzig: extensive range of tours in the Leipzig areaHis maiden ride in Canada was the impetus for the purchase of his first quad, which caused enthusiasm all around. Motivated by this, he founded his shop, the Quadcenter Lehmann, and specialized in quads and quad tours in Leipzig Quads and quad tours in Leipzig: equipped for eventsand environment.
Tours by quad, ATV or buggy take place as required, and very versatile: whether alone or in a group, as a company event, wedding trip, birthday surprise or bachelor party. Sven seems to have something for everyone. “We really take our time, especially for families,” emphasizes Sven. “Of course, every child is allowed to steer the quad themselves under supervision – in non-public transport.” Sven offers quad tours for companies, for example as a team building event, employee incentive or in combination with a product presentation.

From a two-hour trip to an event for 40 people

On the one hand, Sven takes you off into the terrain, on the other hand, beginners receive instruction and then embark on a two-hour trip around Fuchshain / Naunhof and Belgershain. Quads and quad tours in Leipzig: at the Quadcenter Lehmann in downtown LeipzigThe picnic tour for two is romantic. An after-work tour including dinner is also on offer: the tour starts around 6 p.m. and explores the area around Naunhof, before stopping off at the Pension Lindenhof.
“We are also happy to put together a tour according to individual ideas,” assures Sven. You can go canoeing, having a barbecue or going on a sightseeing tour with a quad, ATV or buggy. For all these quad tours in Leipzig and the surrounding area, there is also the option of buying and giving away a voucher. chk / ben

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