Quadcenter Zollernalb: Oil cooler kits

Zollernalb oil cooler: permanently sealed because it is milled from solidQuadcenter Zollernalb offers an additional oil cooler that can be installed quickly and easily in the oil circuit to reduce the oil temperature on the cylinder heads of the 450-cc Tritons…

Zollernalb oil cooler: ensures a moderate oil temperature on the cylinder heads of the 450 TitonsWhen driving quads and ATVs, especially on the road, very high oil temperatures are reached due to the sustained high engine speeds. This can lead to partial tearing off of the lubricating film and expensive engine damage. To counter this, Quadcenter Zollernalb offers oil cooler kits for Triton 450 models. These are high-quality parts made from solid aluminum blocks. They were developed in cooperation with the tuning specialist ABP and are produced in Germany using the latest CNC machines. Due to the production from one block, the coolers are indestructible and remain permanently tight.
The coolers are quick and easy to assemble; they are supplied with all the necessary attachments and installation instructions, Quadcenter Zollernalb grants a 10-year guarantee; Dealer inquiries are welcome, oil coolers for other vehicles on request.

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