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Stels comes to Germany;  Show insert: Mud tires of the dimensions 27x9-12 or 27x11-12 lead to extreme ground clearance & seat height - and increasing adventure when braking from higher speedsRussian manufacturer Stels is coming to Germany with two ATVs: a 650 and an 800. For import is Stels comes to Germany;  Jörg Braun: Stels importer Quadixthe Quadix team in Bamberg is responsible. Rumors had been circulating for years: the Russian manufacturer Velomotors would be launching ATVs under the ‘Stels’ brand on the German market. Now it’s official, the Russians are actually coming with the 650 G Guepard Trophy and the 850 G Guepard Trophy Pro. As part of the presentation, we took the opportunity to do a small test of the 650s.

Stels comes to Germany: with a 650 and an 800 ATV

At first glance, not only did the color yellow remind us of a model from Canada – Stels comes to Germany;  Stels 850 G: mud-friendly with raised radiatorright down to the shape of the engine case, there are a number of similarities to Can-Am’s Outlander lineup. But we wouldn’t describe the vehicle as a simple copy, Stels comes to Germany;  Rear axle: Double A-arms instead of trailing armsAfter all, the Russians created their own signature when it came to the design, which we would never see at Can-Am. It starts with mud tires measuring 27×9-12 or 27×11-12, which are noticeably higher than the 26-inch standard tires of the Canadians. The Stels has correspondingly more ground clearance: a whopping 30 cm (Can-Am Outlander 650: 279 mm). Stels comes to Germany;  Stel's workplace: functional like Can-AmIn addition, at a height of 980 mm, the pilot sits around 10 cm higher than on the Canadian. So we are already excited to see how the combination of height and mud tires affects cornering stability and braking behavior – see below.
Stels comes to Germany;  Stels engine: outwardly bears some resemblance to the Rotax V2 on the Can-Am OutlanderNext up are martial bumpers and a trailer hitch that seems built to last. The underbody armor is also massive, which makes the ATV appear almost suitable for minesweeping. Overall, the vehicle gives the impression of being built for the really tough who have extremes in mind. After all, the Stels seems quite robust to us, which is certainly not a disadvantage in everyday use.

Engine: 650 cubic and 55 hp

The engine corresponds to the cubature (650 cubic) and the specified power (55 hp). Stels comes to Germany;  Stels 650 G Guepard Trophy rear seat: backrest & grab handles for the passengerthe data of the Rotax-V2 in the Can-Am Outlander. However, there are clear differences in the chassis: The wheelbase of the Stels is 1,550 mm, 51 mm longer than that of the Outlander MAX, and instead more complex Stels comes to Germany;  Stels 650 G Guepard Trophy - more than protected: underbody armorThe rear axle is guided by trailing arms on the Stels with ordinary double A-arms. Last but not least, our wheel load scales attest the 650 Stels a total weight of 448 kilos (ready to drive), while the Can-Am Outlander MAX is almost 100 kilos lighter at 355 kilos. Despite the many similarities, the Stels is a vehicle of its own, which should clearly differ from the Can-Am in terms of handling.

Stels comes to Germany: Test of the Stels 650 G Guepard Trophy in ATV&QUAD Magazine 2018/03-04

driving behavior

Interested readers can find out how the Stels 650 G Guepard Trophy drives and whether it can keep up with the glorious example from Canada in the following issue of ATV&QUAD Magazine 2018/03-04, from May 18, 2018 at the kiosk, see x

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