Quadrausch: Rage Buggy kit systems

Rage buggy kit systems Rage Buggy kit systems: in individual cases, the Rage Buggy is still available from Quadrausch with LoF approvalare the novelty at Hans-Jürgen Rausch in Altusried Krugzell, who sells the Rage Buggy in both Germany and Austria and competes in races with his own cult vehicle from the Rage Motorsport brand. At the end of 2015, the general German street legal as LoF should also come to an end. But Hans-Jürgen Rausch can still guarantee approval, at least for the time being. Quadrausch has the models R70RT, R140RT and R200RT available. The latter can be upgraded to 340 hp in the final expansion stage, with which the 485 kg vehicle catapults like a missile from 0 to 100 in 2.7 seconds.

Rage Buggy kit systems: individual design

For the Rage Buggy system there are now brand new on the market individual packages that come as kits. Rage Buggy kit systems: Hans-Jürgen Rausch is enthusiastic about the driving experience in the Rage Buggy“It is intended for those customers who want to build their vehicle piecemeal at home,” says Hans-Jürgen, who has included these systems in the range. Hans-Jürgen sees the advantage in that the pilot knows his vehicle by heart thanks to the self-commitment, which is particularly worthwhile for repairs during racing. “You choose the engine yourself and you can improve or tune it straight away. The Rage Buggy kit systems offer the opportunity to design your vehicle like a tailor-made suit, to tailor it to your own needs,” says Hans-Jürgen. These systems allow components such as chassis, seats, belts, air filters and cooling systems to be individually selected.

Rage Buggy at Quadrausch: not cheap but durable

Rage Buggy kit systems: Hans-Jürgen's wife Sabine is a good navigator at rallies“Rage buggies are very solid, designed for durability and of top quality,” assures Hans-Jürgen, who more than enjoys the driving experience in the Rage: “The vehicle inspires, the acceleration and the good drifting properties are just great! The chassis is such that you still feel comfortable at 180.” With his own 200 hp Rage Buggy, Hans-Jürgen will be competing in racing events this season – definitely at the Gorm 24-hour race.

In individual cases: Rage Buggy with LoF approval

quad noiseQuadrausch carries the current Rage Buggy models and sells them in Germany and Austria. The vehicles are currently even available with German LoF approval. In the UK, a ready-to-race Rage Buggy costs around 50,000 euros. chk

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