Quail & Olive

Quail & Olive in San Diego

Quail & Olive in San Diego offers locals and visitors alike complimentary tasting of premium California extra virgin oils and vinegars, gourmet olives & preserves, health-conscious skin preparations, kitchen accoutrements & books. In-house staff oversee oil quality from farm to mill & market ensuring only superior products reach customers.

Early Life and Education

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The Quail & Olive boasts an inviting tasting room where visitors can sample premium California extra virgin olive oils and naturally fermented vinegars, as well as health-conscious skin care products, gourmet preserves and spices, olive wood kitchen necessities, as well as staff who can offer advice. Customers can order online using its website; orders of $50+ qualify for free shipping!

Achievement and Honors

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Marinate quail for one hour in salt, pepper, paprika, white wine and bay leaves before heating a little oil in a large pan and searing both sides of each bird before adding some of the marinade from earlier. Once finished simmer for several minutes before serving with rice alongside any extra sauce along with lemon wedges to spritz.

Personal Life

The Quail & Olive tasting room provides both locals and visitors the chance to sample 15 California extra virgin olive oils as well as 10 varieties of balsamic vinegar, along with specialty foods including gourmet preserves and seasonings, hand crafted olive wood kitchen accessories, as well as airtight fusti topped with inert nitrogen gas to minimize light and oxygen exposure; they also carry health conscious olive oil infused skin cosmetics products. Finally they carry books on cooking with olive oil.

To prepare Quail, simply heat a saute pan until its surface is hot enough for searing, and transfer as many seared birds to a platter as will fit. Pour some warm stock onto it as they absorb it; serve.

Net Worth

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