Quartz to Crystals: A Guide to Different Types of Gemstones

Did you know that many people from around the world think that crystals have healing and health benefits?

It’s believed that certain crystals can impact energy levels and improve mental health if used correctly.

If you’re interested in learning common types of gemstone names and their associations, there are a few to remember.

Keep reading to discover some of the best types of gemstones and crystals to look for and invest in!

Grape Agate

Grape agate is a beautiful and unique quartz that doesn’t compare to the rest.

Tiny quartz crystals form in circles, they look like bunches of grapes and build upon each other to create a breathtaking stone. This is one of the rare types of purple gemstones that displays a variety of shades of purple. Grape agates are found on the west coast of an Indonesian island.

If you’re looking for crystals to help with spiritual growth, mood, and wisdom, these could help.


If you’re looking for a rare and precious gemstone, you should research cinnabar.

Cinnabar is softer than other types of gemstone, making it fragile. You should only invest in this gemstone if you can keep it protected. The bright shades of red will shine in the light, giving an almost translucent look to the stones.

The deep shades of red from these crystals are often carved into jewelry for details. Since the shade of red is so bold, it stands out on most metals. Ailments and illnesses have been relieved while people wore cinnabar, but studies still need to conclude their impact.

Black Obsidian

When you’re looking for protection and connections, you should keep black obsidian nearby.

Black obsidian is a deep black with bold edges and a shiny exterior. Some people think black obsidian can absorb negativity and help with clarity and thoughtfulness. You can discover more about the black obsidian meaning and the best places to put it in your home.

This crystal isn’t rare unless you find it with blueish, red, and orange hues.


Not all types of gemstones are durable and limited in color.

Opals are one of the most beautiful types of gemstones for rings and necklaces. They have a translucent white color with shades of pink, blue, green, and purple. You can wear opals with just about anything since they are so versatile.

Peace, joy, and abundance are typically attached to opals. Whether you’re looking for a special gift or want to treat yourself, opals tend to attack good luck.

Which Types of Gemstones Are You Drawn Toward?

With all the types of gemstones from around the world, it can be hard to make a decision on which to buy.

Depending on your beliefs and manifestations, certain stones can help you. Gemstones and crystals aren’t just sought after by collectors for their beauty. Once you start learning about the associations for each stone, you can start protecting yourself and your home.

There are many colors and variations of each stone and crystal, so keep an eye out for the most unique ones.

Make sure you check out our blog for more info about gemstones and the healing properties of crystals!

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