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A Biography of Walter Benjamin by R Benjamin

r benjamin

The most comprehensive and lucid biography of the twentieth century’s most influential philosopher, Walter Benjamin. Brodersen reveals the full range of Benjamin’s activities, from his intellectual pursuits and writing to his political activism and friendships. He also shows how the seemingly contradictory elements of his life – including his success in Berlin, his failure as a journalist and writer, his love affairs and his death on the border between France and Spain – formed an integrated whole.

Ruha Benjamin is the Alexander Stewart 1886 Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University where she teaches the interdisciplinary study of science, medicine, and technology with a focus on the relationship between innovation and social inequity. She is an author and a frequent public speaker on the intersection of science, technology, and society.

After paying her educational expenses with help from the National Health Service Corps (NHSC), Dr. Regina Benjamin remained in Bayou La Batre, a small town along Alabama’s Gulf Coast near Daphne, to help serve the medical needs of its impoverished residents. She continued her NHSC work for three years after her contract expired, and then began her own practice. Her clinic survived the devastating effects of Hurricanes Georges and Katrina.

Ben represents business clients in complex litigation matters nationwide, focusing on patent infringement disputes and the defense of class action lawsuits brought by state Medicaid agencies. He also has substantial experience advising companies on the Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) Act and preparing HSR filings.

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