Rabenbauer Tuning: Can-Am Outlander MAX

The Can-Am Outlander MAX X-tp offers Wolfgang and Stefanie Stenull just the right thing for their long tours on federal roads and motorways. The two are also known in the scene as ‘Wolle’ and ‘Steffi’.

Can-Am Outlander MAX: An off-roader

Can-Am Outlander MAX: Syron winter tires proved to be a good choiceWhile the chassis and wheels could still be easily replaced with street-legal accessories, the powerful engine reached its limits with the CVT variator: the Canadian manufacturer has good reason to block the forward thrust at 125 km/h, even if the V2 still has great potential would have to storm further ahead. So, Wolle had to make changes to the variator.
Can-Am Outlander MAX: Wolle & Steffi mainly use their Can-Am Outlander MAX for road travelHe regulated that with reinforced variomatic weights from CVTech from Canada; As an OEM supplier, this manufacturer also supplies the standard variator for many premium ATVs. This means that the belt can now turn higher before the translation reaches its limits. The decisive factor here, however, is the vote; none other than V2 tuning guru Richard Rabenbauer, who is known in the scene as ‘RR’ and is also known as ‘Sir’, took on the challenge.

Voting with the tuning guru

Can-Am Outlander MAX: The Rabenbauer tuning is based on a high level of experienceSecondly, it was necessary to breathe more power into the engine of the Can-Am Outlander MAX so that moderate revs are available at German Autobahn speeds. For this purpose, Wolle’s Outlander MAX received a new mapping via a PowerCommander and AutoTune software. Of course, the devil is in the detail here: Here, too, it’s not just the hardware that counts, but the coordination. On top of that, Rabenbauer also contributed a device with its SpeedBox, which overrides the top speed limit – which Can-Am solves electronically via the speedometer signal.
All in all, Wolle and Steffi now have a perfect long-distance bomber with their tuned Outlander MAX. The GPS-measured top speed is well over 145 km, which is of course rarely used – what is more important is that the V2 turns in the rich green area at 130. With their vehicle, the two Neuwieders tour around 8,000 kilometers a year, the excursion and holiday destinations range from the Westerwald via the Eifel and the Black Forest to the Alps, the two have even been to the Baltic Sea with their ATV. x

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