Rayshawn Daniels

Rayshawn Daniels

Rayshawn Daniels currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. To gain more information about their whereabouts, search their name on CocoFinder.

Deborrah L Newton of NEWTON LAW in Raleigh, North Carolina represented the appellant. Jill Westmoreland Rose (United States Attorney in Charlotte and Amy E Ray (Assistant United States Attorney from Asheville) represented Appellee.

Early Life and Education

Letia Rayshawn Daniels was born February 25 in Fairfax, South Carolina. She graduated from Allendale Fairfax High School before attending Clemson University; additionally, she was an active member of Mt. Hope Baptist Church in Allendale where her mother, Sharon Daniels had preceded her in death.

On November 3, 1988, Sergeant Thomas testified in camera regarding his investigation of an attempt on Davis’ life. Unfortunately, no transcript is available within the appellate record.

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Professional Career

High school was an outstanding time for him, being named Male Athlete of the Year and Best Football All-Around Athlete while excelling at track and field, winning state champion in 110 Hurdles Hurdles.

He began his college career at Bakersfield Junior College, earning two All-Western State Conference selections while averaging 17.7 points on.592 shooting, 11.7 rebounds, 2.8 blocks, and 1.7 steals over his 66 game career.

He currently plays cornerback for the Tennessee Titans and has proven himself an exceptional performer, capable of covering both outside and inside receivers, playing in both positions (outside, inside) and slot positions as needed. With great anticipation skills allowing him to stop passes from being completed. Furthermore, he excels at free throw lines and blocks shots from outside sources.

Achievement and Honors

Rayshawn Daniels was an accomplished American football coach who formerly led Hobart College. Taking over after their team won only one game in 1980, Daniels immediately began leading them on an undefeated four-season winning streak that was popular with players and supporters alike – they would often gather on campus to watch and support him during his games.

He served as an assistant coach at Trinity, Colgate, Virginia and Hobart from 2014-2015 – helping them win the Liberty League championship! Additionally he has served on athletic director staffs at Marshall and The Citadel and actively engages in community service through Sisters of Watts (a non-profit).

Personal Life

Rayshawn is unmarried. It is thought he has relationships with several of the following individuals:

Dextor Daniels, 18, of Fayetteville and Raeshawn Reid, 18, both from Raeford appeared for their initial court hearing Monday morning on charges related to assault with a deadly weapon resulting in serious physical harm to law enforcement personnel and possession of firearms by felons.

Letia Rayshawn Daniels, affectionately known as Lulu, passed away November 9, 2014. Born in Fairfax, South Carolina to Leroy Willingham and Sharon Daniels, Lulu attended Mt. Hope Baptist Church in Martin. Her passing left behind both parents as well as Martease Loron (sister). Additionally she leaves several other members of her family behind.

Net Worth

Rayshawn Daniels has an estimated net worth of $15 Million dollars. As a singer/songwriter he has written songs for popular artists like Tyrese, So Plush, Brandy and Nelly Furtado as well as appearing in Brandy: Special Delivery TV show and as coach on Tamar & Vince reality show.

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