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Reading corner for the whole family: tips for more order


A cozy retreat for reading and browsing is essential for families with children. If you want to set up a comfortable reading corner, you don’t need a lot: A little space, suitable seating, light and practical storage options for books are enough to transform corners, niches or window sills into inviting places of well-being for young and old. The best tips and tricks for setting up and designing a reading corner for the whole family can be found here.

Which places are suitable for the family-friendly reading corner?

Even in small apartments there is space for a reading corner. In rooms such as the living room or bedroom, for example, previously unused corners are suitable, but niches under sloping ceilings and stairways are also ideal for a reading corner. If you have wide window sills, you can place pillows and blankets here and use the bright daylight to read and read aloud. And for the children’s room: A cozy place under the loft bed offers children a place of retreat where they can sink into their favorite books for hours.

Kind in Leseecke
A reading corner can also be created in such corners. This place is nice and bright – but could be a lot cozier.
(Image: © Crystal Sing / Adobe Stock)

All your favorite books at your fingertips: shelves, boxes & Co.

A well thought-out reading corner should of course have enough space for books. Bookworms with a large book collection can usually not fit them all in the reading corner – at least there is always room for their current favorite books. Regardless of the available space, a variable shelving system is ideal for storing books. It can be combined very well with existing furnishing styles and, thanks to its great flexibility, can be integrated into any reading corner. Individually adaptable shelving systems are also ideal for decoration. Journals and magazines, on the other hand, are in good hands in a magazine holder or in a sufficiently large box.

The heart of the reading corner: the reading chair

Quite clear: only with comfortable seating does the reading corner become a place of well-being, where bookworms like to withdraw. A sleeping chair kills two birds with one stone: it serves as a reading chair and can also be used as an overnight accommodation option for guests. Alternatively, the following seating furniture is suitable as a reading chair:

  • Wing chair
  • Futon armchair
  • Beanbag
  • Chaise longue

For families with children, we recommend a mattress that is placed on the floor and provided with plenty of blankets and pillows. Here parents and their offspring can make themselves really comfortable and forget everyday life while reading, reading aloud and leafing through picture books.

Sort books

Buecher im Regal sortieren
Image: © Yabresse / Adobe Stock

Especially with large book collections, it is advisable to sort the books in order to find what you are looking for quickly. Whether by genre, author or alphabetically: the possibilities are very diverse. If the optics are particularly important to you, your books can also be sorted by color. The latter is especially a great idea for children, because here the little ones can also work completely independently.

Decoration for the reading corner

An appealing decoration should of course not be missing in the reading corner either. Not only can the bookshelf be visually enhanced. The walls can be designed with photos and child-friendly wall tattoos, while pillows and blankets also create an inviting atmosphere. A small side table allows you to put your teacup, reading glasses or cell phone safely down, while LED candles and fairy lights increase the feel-good factor, especially in the cold season. Deco and furnishings should in any case be coordinated with the armchair and the rest of the room in order to create a coherent overall picture.

Optimally illuminate the reading corner

In addition to comfortable seating, the right lighting is essential for every reading corner. If the reading corner is near the window, daylight can be used for reading during the day. For the evening hours and for dark winter days, however, a bright reading lamp is required. Ideally, this can be dimmed in order to be able to adapt the illuminance individually to your own needs and those of the children. Lamps and lights are available in a wide variety of designs and designs – from ceiling washers to table lamps. Clip-on lights that are attached directly to the book are also an option. Basically: A luminosity between 300 and 500 lux is ideal for reading.

Beleuchtung Leseecke
A reading corner only becomes really cozy towards evening, when you can turn on the warm light.
(Image: © Kamenuka / Adobe Stock)

The reading corner for the children’s room

Little bookworms are happy to have their own reading corner in the children’s room. If the children’s room has a loft bed, the space below can be used optimally. Alternatively, a small tent is also suitable, which is furnished with lots of blankets and pillows and can be transformed into a great reading cave in no time at all. A children’s mattress on the floor, with a canopy if necessary, also invites you to browse and read. Baskets, boxes and crates are particularly suitable for storing books, but classic wall shelves and shelving systems are also extremely practical and suitable for everyday use. Whichever variant parents choose: The children should always be able to reach their favorite books independently.

Conclusion: the reading corner as a place to relax and feel good

A reading corner offers large and small book fans the opportunity to withdraw at any time and escape from everyday life. With the right furnishings, loving decoration and practical storage options for books, even the smallest niche can be transformed into a cozy feel-good place in no time at all, inviting the whole family to relax and browse.


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