Recognize speed cameras by small markings on the road! has a simple tip on how to identify places where speed cameras could be: on white horizontal stripes on the road. These mark the point at which the speed camera photo is actually taken. Sometimes the lines are even applied permanently and are always visible.


White speed camera guides are becoming more and more permanent

For a few months now, in our region of Upper Franconia (especially Bamberg & Bayreuth), we have noticed that narrow, white stripes have been applied to the roadway at right angles to the direction of travel in places where flashes are often or have already been flashed. These are now often not just marked with chalk for a day to be measured there, but permanently attached to the paint line. We are not speed camera experts, but we strongly assume that such lines mark the exact spot where the vehicle/license plate is actually photographed.

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Two or three thin stripes across the direction of travel indicate a speed camera! We know this place near Bamberg as a weekly speed camera spot (B505 near Pettstadt)

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Also here: White markings, level with the front line, the speed cameras are often on the right behind the crash barrier

The reason for the fixed markings

Speed ​​measurements must be made according to precise guidelines. If the road is not flat enough or if a speed camera was not calibrated correctly before the measurement, an action against the fine notice can be successful. If the responsible police officers do not proceed properly enough when preparing the measurement, this can sometimes result in the Speed ​​camera photos cannot be used. In addition, in our opinion, it was always a great danger for the police officers to make marks for every measurement every time daring to install in flowing traffic, for example on expressways. We assume that this is the reason why more and more “speed camera strips” are now permanently attached and their position only has to be measured once, but precisely.

But beware: That’s mostly true only for temporary/mobile flash units! Stationary speed cameras that are permanently attached to the spot usually do without these auxiliary lines! Incidentally, the speed camera lines should not be confused with the large, thick lines that are used to measure distances in front of motorway bridges.

So the white lines indicate that in such places either just flashed, a speed camera stood or could stand again.

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